Monday, March 10, 2008

best be wary!

I have learned a valuable lesson. Reporters are dangerous creatures.
There's a certain reporter for The Source, a local Bend weekly paper, who oft lurks at Backporch in the mornings. She's an Opinions columnist. I gave her my opinion once about a month ago, about Bend's fashion sense. So when she approached me a couple of weeks ago & asked if I had an opinion, I naively responded, "Yes--most of the time!"

She proceeded to pull out her recorder & ask me 5 or 6 questions about the speed limit on the parkway (currently 45 mph, but everyone drives 50 to 55). I answered them as honestly, conservatively & wittily (I know that's not a word) as possible.

The next week I walked into my other favorite coffee shop, Bellatazza, and was hailed by another regular thus: "Morning, speed demon!" I was quite confused until he held up a copy of the Source & I remembered my little interview & guessed the contents.

Norman, my barista, pulled a copy up from behind the counter as he took my order & commented that it was a very good picture of me. Then he read aloud my "quote."

I already look like an 18 year old--now I sound like one too. The reporter took my answers to all six leading questions and shoved them into two sentences (without using any ellipses!).

(If you right click on this picture & pick "Open in a new window" you'll see it full size so you can read what she wrote.)

*And let the record show that I was very respectful of road authorities in my answers, stating that the laws were probably there for some kind of good reason, but everyone drives faster. And the off-ramps. I simply said that their short length was the reason for the slow speed limit. When asked if I thought that was ridiculous. I said, "Probably not. I don't know. I'm no road regulation expert." She said, "But do you really think people can't handle the speed on the exits?" I said, "I don't know. I'm not other people. But I can." There you have it.


Marie said...

So the moral of the story must be, "Never trust a reporter"? It's amazing how they can edit peoples' words to say what they want them to say.

Lorelei said...

That doesn't sound anything like you. Lame. You could always give them a good what-for in letter format, but they might edit a portion out and publish it in their letters-to-the-editor section.

Luke & Kristin said...

I hate reporters!! One came in here the other day and said "can I have a minute of your time to ask you about your thoughts on the new restaurant going in next door?" I quickly responded, "no, but you can have a few of Cheri's minutes" (she's a broker here in the office) HA!! Crisis averted!

I have "tweaked" enough people's statements to fit my essays over the course of my college career to know to stay away.

Glad you're famous now though :-D

Grace said...
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