Wednesday, February 20, 2008

president's day

To celebrate getting a job, I promptly planned a trip to visit sisters, their families & my best friend from high school. I left early Sunday morning and made it in time for the matinee of "Little Women" in Vancouver (my sister Kim directed it--she's the artistic director for CYT Vancouver). Then we (plus Andy, my brother-in-law) went to another part of Vancouver to see another CYT musical, "High School Musical." Both were very well done. One very touching, the other very fun.

President's Day dawned at the Shire residence (the photo below was taken later in the day at the Twist's, but thought it would be fitting to place here)

Kimmie, Donny & I headed to 23rd street in Portland to meet up with Sarah, where we enjoyed coffee and Japanese bento boxes (well, Donny enjoyed applesauce).

Then I stopped in to wish the Twists a happy President's Day. Here's Beth & 5 week old Katie...

Jack, Matt & Bailey playing fetch. As you can see, Jack only threw over his shoulder...

I love it when you can see the moon during daylight...

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Anonymous said...

"Mr.Moon, Mr.Moon you're out too soon the sun is still in the sky!
Go back to your bed and cover up your head and wait till the day goes by!"

-song my mom sang me when the moon was visible during daylight (also known as the "Mr.Moon Song"