Monday, February 11, 2008

"if you want something...

...don't ask for nothing.
If you want nothing,
don't ask for something."

I heard these wise lyrics on The Arcade Fire's album Funeral.
Just something to think about (or nothing to think about?)

In other news, I took a quick trip to Sandy this past weekend to visit with the Twist family. The pass was gorgeous (well, the trees and mountains were- the roads were slushy and covered in muddy gravel). I found myself distracted as I drove, thinking of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. For those who've never heard of it, it's about seven brothers in the Oregon Territory in 1850. It's a musical. They do ballet in the snow with axes while singing about being lonesome pole-cats. In the movie they kidnap six women (one of the brothers is already married) and take them in their wagon to their homestead, 12 miles from town. They traverse a pass to get there and an avalanche separates the brothers and their captured would-be brides from the angry townspeople.

It made me want to yell out of the car window. But starting an avalanche wouldn't necessarily make my life a musical, so I didn't.

Once at the Twists, Jack and I had a great time. Katie said, "Hey, what's up?" Then slept or ate the rest of the time I was there. Bethy and I had some good/silly conversations. And Matt introduced me to Joe's Donuts on Saturday morning.

Jack has reached the age where he says "Cheese" when a camera is pointed at him, without prompting, and then he runs to the other side where the photographer is to get a glimpse of himself...sometimes before the picture has actually been taken.


Marie said...

Beautiful snow pics, and a fun mind picture of you screaming out the window and making an avalanche! (I'm glad you didn't do it!!) :^)

Love you!!

Phillip said...

That movie is really fun! I obviously don't recommend obtaining a wife by kidnapping, but I know some guys who have seriously considered it.

Cassie said...

i love this POST! Seven Brides is such a classic! I'm glad you got there and back safely!

oh and Jack is so cute!