Tuesday, February 05, 2008

how do you visualize a week?

First of all, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Cassie. She's so brilliant, she even looks like Einstein.

Cassie and I had a late lunch/early dinner (or linner/dunch, if you will) late last week. Why is it that the most riveting discussions of life's deepest mysteries are always brought up over food? We spent a good hour hashing out a topic that has recently been filling some of my idle hours...

The topic was how different people visualize or imagine unknowable things. We started with eating utensils. For some reason, in my mind forks have always been girls while spoons and knives were boys. I've had several people disagree with me saying that forks must be male due to their spiky hair. But you'll never win the argument with me: forks are feminine. After all, think of Ariel combing her hair with a fork (dingle-hopper) - I don't believe a masculine utensil would stand for it.

Then we approached the week. Mine is a rectangle cut down the middle length-wise. The top section is divided into two sections and the bottom portion is divied up five ways. The two sections on top are Saturday and Sunday (Sunday on the right hand side). Monday is below Sunday and so forth, clockwise. There's really no explaination for this. Cassie's is similar except that the weekdays are lined up on a curve, semi-circling back to the long, straight weekend. And hers goes counter-clockwise. (we diagramed it on a napkin for your convenient viewing)

The bigger ovular shapes on the napkin represent how we view the year. Mine is to the right, Cassie's to the left. Both of us have a bow looking year with summer representing the long, straight line to the side. Hers is more of a triangle with rounded sides, evenly dividing the year three ways. My fall is short and spring unutterably long (the curve begins it's upward decent on New Year's Day).

Here's the biggest mystery: my year goes counter-clockwise and hers clockwise! If you'll remember from our weekly views, it's just the opposite. This is highly baffling news. (look how baffled we are)

Without being tainted by our views, I would love to hear your views of the gender of utensils and the layout of the week and the year. Comment ahoy!


Lorelei said...

I don't know about the years and weeks; I just take 'em as they come without any visuals in my head. However, whether the fork is male or female, I'm no the one to decide, but I do think that a masculine utensil would allow itself to be run through the hair of a princess.

Cassie said...

hooray for our linner date!
so much fun! And i'm so glad we took pictures to document it!

Forks are boys... sorry to disagree.

how about Cars? Why do people more often then not refer to the car as a she?

Lindsey said...

Oh my good goodness, so funny!!! I love hearing that Cass is just as random as ever, thanks for being random with her, Joann! As for the gender of sivlerware, I have never thought about it. But, the year however is much like that in Cassie's mind! I love it... you girls are great! Can't wait to come visit! Hugs, Linds <><

Luke & Kristin said...

I would like to start out by saying that you guys are messed up in the head.
I say that mostly because I don't think of silverware as male or female, I think of it as plastic or stainless.
however, I do have to admit that I visualize the week and year..
I realized that this would be hard to explain.. so I drew some pictures, scanned them in, and uploaded them to my blog..
(too much time on my hands at work apparently)
so.. http://lukeandkristin.blogspot.com
for my visualization.

Uncle Joe said...

Wow, look at ALL the RED!!!!!

greekkid31 said...

wow i never knew that there was someone as crazy as my sister...but it seems that there is. um i would say that forks are boys!!

Danny said...

Well, I can't say I've ever consider the gender of utensils. . .
I would say that forks are female, knifes are male, and spoons just are. . .

As for the week, mine is quite linear, kind of like a calendar! Sunday thru Saturday in a straight line.

The year? I don't look at a full year at a time, I can't comprehend that, so I don't visualize it at all.

Phillip said...

Forks are definitely boys. What kind of mayhem and wanton destruction can you cause with a spoon? And girls are always cuddling, which seems like a spoonish sort of activity.