Tuesday, February 19, 2008


  • 78 days of looking
  • 46 days of being unemployed
  • 43 online responses to ads (including 43 resumes & 22 cover letters)
  • plus countless phone calls, faxes and walk-ins (all with resumes, some with cover letters)
  • 2 short temp jobs
  • 4 paying photo shoots
  • 5 promised interviews
  • 3 actual interviews
  • 3 out of town retreats to deal with...
  • 3 major mental breakdowns
  • 2 TV show seasons (Lost, season 3 & Gilmore Girls, season 1)
  • 5 McMenamins movies, and somehow only...
  • 1 trip to Red Robin
  • 3 major holidays
  • 2 audio books
  • 6 new movie soundtracks addicted to
  • 3 full books
  • 2 partially read books
  • 3 blog make-overs
  • 25 blog posts
  • and innumerable hours logged at coffee shops...

I have finally found and accepted a job. I do apologize to all who may be offended that I haven't told them yet, but I just found out Friday and promptly celebrated by leaving town for a few days (post to follow). I greatly appreciate every prayer, hug, smile and sympathy (even annoying cliches that I probably rolled my eyes at). Thank you to all.

As of Thursday I will be employed (again) at Westside Church, this time as the Communication Coordinator. It's a different department and full-time. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thank you again & sorry to any who wanted a personal phone call regarding my employment status.


outoftheshadowlands said...

How did it happen that we both ended up back at the church?!?!? So happy for you though! Hurray! I'm sure it will neccessitate some meetings at my house.

Cassie said...


i AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you... and i'm selfishly glad you are staying in BEND!!!!

wanna be roommates?

Evan & Elisa said...

hooorayy for steady income!

Danny said...

Praise God! Still wish you had gotten a job in Singapore though!

Anonymous said...

I rejoice with you in your employment salvation and laugh with you in its inherent irony.

P.S. I have a boy story, so we should speak...soonish...

P.P.S. It's business time, so I'll call you TWO minutes after 5...

Luke & Kristin said...

I'll kill you. I really will