Sunday, January 13, 2008

weekend with the family (or at least a half a baker's dozen of 'em)

on the drive over...just before hitting Mt. Hood pass...

I stayed at the Shire residence in Vancouver, WA.
My oldest sister, Kimmie, and her son Donny (just over six months old)

I also spent plenty of time out at the Twist lodge in Sandy, OR.
My other sister, Beth, with her kids (Katie & Jack) sharing popcorn on Saturday evening.
Jack discovered the hat my amazing friend, Gracie, made for me.
He liked the tassels alot (his daddy was glad when I took it back from Jack as I left the house).
I've saved the best for last, the reason for the trip...(drumroll please...)
My first niece, Katherine Pearl Twist, was born Thursday morning at 11:45am.
Here she is, two days old:
She has finger-toes, as does her mama & daddy (I got the Whittaker toes, not the Kjosness ones like my sister got, so my toes are probably about the same length as two day old Katie's!)


Cassie said...

What a beautiful girl! Welcome to the World Katie Pearl, Jesus has big plans for you!

Grace said...

I must say, I think that hat looks stunning on the little fella... however, it looks the best on you! I love the baby pics, there's a lot of peace there. Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by these amazing photo/graphic/media artists, and don't have enough appreciation for their work! So this is my vote of thanks to you!

karleeanne said...

Such adorable nefews and niece! Nnaoj, you've captured the cuteness perfectly! Love ya!

Marie said...

Oh, I love these pictures of my grandbabies!! You are a good photographer, Joann!! I love you, too!

John, Christina, and Hannah said...

So Hannah is 2 and we have never had family photos taken... I was thinking next time you come to Nampa or we come back to Bend to visit we could set up a time with you to have a family photo session???