Thursday, December 25, 2008

God bless us, everyone!

Here's a plateful of Christmas bliss for everyone...

Donny looks like he's about to be nabbed by the umbrella.
stir crazy day 2 137

stir crazy day 2 148

stir crazy day 2 229

This is right before he punched me in the eye on his way to leap off of the car on which he was perched (into Grandma's snow angels...sorry).
stir crazy day 2 230

Christmas smooches
stir crazy day 2 241

I had a lot of fun taking pictures through the window. Fun reflections.
stir crazy day 2 255stir crazy day 2 261

joann's remedy for cabin fever

On day three of my confinement to the Shire residence, a CYT friend came over to get out of her house for awhile and we staged an impromptu photo shoot to the amusement of neighborhood children and their pets. Here's a sampling of our fun (by the way, when I wasn't behind the camera, Michelle was- and she did fabulously).
stir crazy day 2 001stir crazy day 2 036

stir crazy day 2 065stir crazy day 2 073

stir crazy day 2 120stir crazy day 2 122b&w

stir crazy day 2 111

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

mark you calendars! narnia approaches...

I am exceedingly happy to inform you that rehearsals have begun for the long awaited Narnia. I'm sure most of you have heard me, at some point, raving about the fact that I get to direct Narnia (the musical) with CYT this Winter. Well, the time is now! So go to the CYT website when you are ready to purchase tickets. We open January 23rd in Gresham at Barlow High School and run for two weekends. Don't worry, I'll be posting more on this as time goes on. This is merely the first heads-up.

Some pictures from our first rehearsal where we worked on "Deep Magic" are the Pevensies and the White Witch.
snow in the couv 051

Aslan sorrowing for the Cruelies
snow in the couv 049

Mr. & Mrs. Beaver look on, while the trees (who will be doing a bit o' tap dancing during the show) strike a pose...
snow in the couv 042snow in the couv 037

Monday, December 22, 2008

post-show ennui

I wrote this over a month ago, after my students performed so beautifully for Showcase (the quickest version of the third act of The Importance of Being Earnest ever!). As soon as they were done, I had this rush of emotions that I hadn't felt in years...since my last thoroughly satisfying moment on stage (or behind the scenes of something on stage). There's nothing quite like the hole in your gut after something you worked so hard on exceeds expectations and is over and done with.

Post-Show Ennui
by Joann Renee

it’s that old familiar feeling
utter satisfaction
perfect bliss
and thorough loss
so perfectly balanced
separation is imperceptible
gloriously painful
and excruciatingly brief
the bubble sits between
sternum and spine
swelling to burst
that must be why it hurts
to breathe—
trying not to crush this moment

the reason movie night died

I'm so frustrated that I don't know how to indent on blogger. Argh! Anyone know html enough to help me out? Just know that "the," "pop-" and "corn" are all suppose to be indented, like stairsteps, so please see it that way in your heads while reading. Thank you kindly.

The Reason Movie Night Died
by Joann Renee

Oh, the subtext in this room!
Words are cumbersome
Muted by the atmosphere
Tangled in an intricate labyrinth of past,
Present and future romances
They lumber forth
In exaggerated slow motion


Caught in the tension
I prefer being the silent
Observer. Normally I would
Enjoy the angsty mess
But someone’s attached
Their web to my independent strand
And I’m horrified to find
My thread pulsing
Through this knotted weave.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

arctic blast '08

Ah...the memories it brings of Winter Storm 2004 (I want to know who gets to pick the official titles of these stormy seasons). In 2004 I was a Junior at George Fox, stuck at my mini-apartment next to Bauman. Campus was emptied. Roommates gone home. My poor little '85 Beamer was covered in a thick, impenetrable sheet of ice for a whole week. Much walking to cheap Chinese restaurants with the McGrew guys. John whining about falling on the ice. The rest of us sniggering behind our hands. Me sliding down some concrete steps on my bum. *sigh* I wonder what I will remember of Arctic Blast '08 besides it's interuption in my already tight Narnia audition/ call back/ rehearsal schedule?

Here are some scenic photos to document the times:
snow in the couv 171

snow in the couv 298 snow in the couv 099

snow in the couv 130

narnia "rehearsal number two"

Due to absurd amounts of snow overnight and predictions that it would NEVER stop, we had to cancel our second Narnia rehearsal. So sad. I was really looking forward to it. However, I decided it wasn't a total bust and that I hadn't lived in snowy Bend for nothing. I put my high desert snow-driving skills to use and met up with my artistic team that doesn't live in Portland (we missed you, Tracy!) for a day of red-umbrella'ed fun downtown Vancouver.

See! There we are frolicing! (that's Chris, my assistant director/stunt choreographer and Jenna, my regular-type choreographer...Tracy, our music director, was stuck in the Gresham area).
snow in the couv 114

Larry (CYT's last Professor Digory Kirke) and Creepy Statue Man joined in the festivities.
snow in the couv 090

This was the runner-up blog header photo.
snow in the couv 137

Lucy & Mr. Tumnus? The heel-clickin' leap...
snow in the couv 141snow in the couv 154

High School Musical leapers...
snow in the couv 148snow in the couv 156

it's the shires!

We took advantage of the Winter Wonderland to document, simultaneously, Arctic Blast '08 and the ever-growing Shire family.
snow in the couv 200

Donny was obsessed with licking his zipper. Very funny...I had some fun with the following picture:
snow in the couv 205edit

snow in the couv 202

snow in the couv 212snow in the couv 228

snow in the couv 232snow in the couv 237

snow in the couv 249

snow in the couv 263

snow in the couv 259

And last, but certainly not least...
snow in the couv 282

Monday, December 15, 2008


by Joann Renee

you see
how it escalades:
if they see
my pain,
it causes
them pain—
doubling my grief

it’s simpler
the fire still rages,
but on my terms,
my turf—
no one else loses
a home

there’s always despair

but it has constant company
in faith—
seamlessly coexisting

seven brides for seven brothers, cyt-style

This is for you fellow Seven Brides for Seven Brothers lovers. Also, mark your calendars now: NARNIA!! (the musical, of course). Auditions are tomorrow for the CYT version I'll be directing out in the Gresham area (conveniently located just on the other side of the Mt. Hood pass for you Bendites). Opening night is January 23rd and runs for two weekends. More to come on that later.

Back to Seven Brides. I tried to narrow down my favorites. This is the best I could do.

Milly & Adam on their wedding night - after she's discovered he has six wild backwoodsmen brothers who live with him.
7B47B-1 303

The Pontipee brothers meet Milly for the first time.
7B47B-0 056

Milly's vittles are so good you have to jump over the table to get a good seat.
7B47B-0 066

Teaching the boys how to go cotin'...
7B47B-0 100

...and dancin'
7B47B-0 151

Alice meets Gideon
7B47B-0 180

The social dance...before everything gets "all busted-up"
7B47B-0 198

I love this shot from "Goin' Cotin'"...Milly and the Oompa Loompas
7B47B-1 406

Fingernail check before heading to the social
7B47B-1 493

Benjamin kidnapping Dorcas
7B47B-2 121

"They say when you marry in June..."
7B47B-2 289