Friday, December 07, 2007

the ultimate volleyball match

This past Tuesday I was able to pull out my trusty volleyball skills and my purple lipstick for a pre-Oneighty volleyball match of Oneighty staff against the Mt. View varsity team. The staff took the opportunity to don wacky outfits (any good youth staff will take any and every opportunity to make fools out of themselves). Volleyball remains to this day the only sport I'm any good at (I can't even bowl well!).

We lost the first two matches & won the last.

Cassie & I with pre-game intensity:

Fabiola, the Paraguayan Bullet, with pre-serve intensity:

The female half of the team getting psyched for the game to begin (the guys refused to be in the picture...lame):

We are so cool. You can see the Christmas tree in the background, which I feel really adds the desired atmosphere to this picture (and to the evening):

Look at the air he's getting on this one! I don't really know if it's proper volleyball technique to jump mid-pass, but it sure looks cool:


Lorelei said...

Wow, spandex... wow...

Cassie said...

amazing. epic. complete mayhem.

truly i love youth ministry. =)

me+you=coffee date? yes?