Wednesday, December 12, 2007

supporter of the British party during the colonial days?

That's what my little brother, Timmy, asked her (Tori) on their first introduction.
I was privileged to take her senior pictures this past Sunday in the 25 degree, slightly blustery weather. Here are my favorites:


Katie Scott said...

You are such a brilliant photographer! I don't feel cool enough to be your friend!

Katie Scott said...

And Tori, if you read this - you are such a brilliantly beautiful girl! It's amazing to see the woman you have become and are becoming. :)

karleeanne said...

Wow Nnaoj! I love parousing your's always intriguingly fantastic! And Tori looks beautiful, so beautiful!

farmgirl beth said...

Stunning photography, dear sister! If you hadn't been in elementary school 15 years ago, I would have hired you to take my senior photos.

Now we have to wait until I am the other kind of senior- think I'll be up for kicking my heels still?

Pam said...

that is one gorgeous girl!!! Love Love Love her!

Cassie said...

um... brilliant.




i think the English language needs more adjetives. so that i can discribe what i am thinking.... but then of course, a picture is worth a thousand words.

enough said.

Molly Polly said...

Works of art, to be sure!