Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the wedding

Eric & Lindsay were married this past Friday at the trendy, exciting, historic & beautiful Tower Theatre in downtown Bend.

The happy couple.

An artsy shot of the decor & Avenue H (the guitarist is part of emote360).

Lorelei came into town. We frolicked. We laughed. We ate ocean rolls. We read our Bibles. We ate Taco Bell & drank sparkling pear cider. We discussed Leonardo DiCaprio. We parted ways with sorrow, but with the hope of a Christmas reunion.


Lorelei said...

Words from the Front
by Ron Padgett

We don't look as young
as we used to
except in dim light
especially in
the soft warmth of candlelight
when we say
in all sincerity
You're so cute
You're my cutie.
two old people
behaving like this.
It's enough
to make you happy.

This could be you and me when we get old. Think of it. Also, props and the inventory of our time together; it made us sound somewhat crzy, but I'm okay with that. Love you!

Lorelei said...

one more thing, I looked at the shoe picture again and I laughed out loud... again. Fantastic shoes, fantastic.

farmgirl beth said...

Now that is a setting nearly as spectacular as the one in which Matt and I had our nuptials 8 years ago! Quite dramatic and photogenic, I must say. Props to the bride and/or groom for choosing such a location.

karleeanne said...

Thank you for tolerating El Caporal for me on Saturday! I had a wonderfully hillarious time with you! I love laughing with you! By the way...you look beautiful in the picture with Lorelei! And Lorelei, you look beautiful too!

Jennifer said...

You both look beautiful in this picture...but we all know that photos don't do any justice when compared to how beautiful you both looked in person, the camera just couldn't handle it so it had to tone you down a little!!LOL!! I miss talking to you. I hope you don't think its too crazy of an idea that we talk again soon!!??