Thursday, November 29, 2007


I promised my brother that I'd post a poem of Singapore adventures. I have yet to write one...I suppose I'm still processing the foreign sights & sounds before attempting to shrink them into a poem. However, here is one inspired by the trip.

Be warned, it is a little depressing, but hopefully it captures a little of the essence of the sojourner's heart.

by Joann Renee

seven PM here means ten AM there
one week ago I eagerly boarded a
plane there’s no place like
home there’s no place like
home there’s no place like
home is where the henna is?
my heart is divided
into so many
portions that home has become relative
while lying awake
on my own bed thoughts Bend
to a fragment still cradling
your sleep-imposed sweat-soaked body
then tugs at an edge-piece praying
somewhere in Oregon with a lonely girl
longing for a whole
heart and more love
not realizing yet how
diametrically opposed is the ache
I’ve tried to live fully
in one place but crooning
behind bars of ribs—
there’s no place of
home there’s no place of
home there’s no place of
Sings a poor shredded heart.


Luke & Kristin said...

Quite depressing. and poetry has never really been my think.. so I'll admit I haven't the foggiest what you're talking about.. but I know it's sad. so sad.

Anonymous said...

I do understand, but I think you know that. How do you feel about the motto, "fake it 'till you make it?"

Sarah M.

Grace said...

Sad, but sweet. I love the rhythm and atmosphere of your words!

Danny said...

"Sings a poor" is the best line. I wonder if anyone else caught that?

I love you sister!