Monday, November 26, 2007

it wouldn't be thanksgiving without...

the big bad frisbee gangsters!
being attacked by said gangsters!
dessert! (which is sadly only milk for little Donny)

super-model Daddy!
and Christmas with Aunt Jackie, Uncle David, Heather & Sammy Jo! (sorry this picture lacks the creativity I normally muster for ever picture...I was too distracted with presents & nephews to focus on my photography)


Danny said...

I didn't have olives, frisbees, super-model Daddy, or Christmas. But I did have dessert and a lot of fun! I just realized that we had forgotten the olives!

Anonymous said...

It really is all about the olives. My Grandma brought two full sized cans of "Black Pearls" in case my other grandmother forgot (which, of course, she didn't). During our meal she said at least three times, "pass the olives down to the kids!" By the way, the "kids" were myself, my 17 year old sister and 16 year old cousin. It was a poor showing on the adolescent side of the family. Thus, very few olives were eaten and Grandma's two thoughtful cans were unopened. Tear...

Well, I guess that means it's time to start having babies!


Luke & Kristin said...

I love how I can always count on your blog having new content. Everyday at work I click on my own blog and go down the list of links on it. You are usually the only one that has anything to look at it.
I respect that. I admire that. I envy that.