Tuesday, November 06, 2007

family portraits

Every household, no matter how unrelated the blood, should have family portraits warming the mantlepiece above a roaring fireplace on a cold November evening. Thus the five women of Ranch Village Drive sallied forth last Thursday to commemorate for all time the year we will all live, laugh & love together at the north end of Bend in a beautiful home where pink Jesus adorns the counter with snowglobe Jesus & her pinkness, the Lady Bic.


Elyxis said...

These are the BEST pictures ever... LOVE EM! you guys or girls rather, are so gorgeous <3 i love you all :)

Jennifer said...

How fun that day must have been! Thanks for inviting me to go to el cap. with everyone. Honestly, I don't see you often enough anymore, and that makes me a little sad. I kinda feel like I've been subconsciously excluding myself from everyone...sorry 'bout that:)