Monday, November 12, 2007

epic refrain

Epic Refrain
by Joann Renee

It continues to overwhelm me—
The clouds on the horizon hurrying to spread an inaudible message,
The leaves too collapse from the static position on their branches
to race along the cobblestone urging
all with a silent exultation,
The sun caressing dewy blades of grass and the hair on the man crossing the street
beating down for one reason:
to declare the only way it knows how
it’s part in the chorus of existence.
I was even surprised this morning to discover the white polka dots
on my new red shirt dancing a reminder to me that I am part of this.
This magnificently epic eternal symphony.
How I ache to melt into that sound!
To drift purposefully in this dizzying all-creation dance.
Your melody pulsing out of every pore, every molecule.
Seeping out at every breath, every glance, the harmony for this
is the day, this is the day that You have made.


Brandy said...

inaudible message.. i like that!! good stuff joann from one writer to another! love ya.. :)

bodacios brandy

Lorelei said...

I'm glad that my friend's are such great writers! It gives me hope after I've lost it when reading the daily "Writer's Almanac" which more aften than not is crappy writing about crappy subjects. Keep it up and mail me what all you've written of that great story!