Friday, November 02, 2007

biblical dessert

And finally the poem that started the conversation about "mowing" (thanks to Katie, the ever graceful Grammar Queen). I'd also like to dedicate this poem to Lindsay for encouraging me to write this poem so many months ago.

Biblical Dessert
by Joann Renee

As an appetizer
you might snack
on a few Proverbs.
Then move on to graze
in the salad of Solomon.
The main course arrives
consisting of Levitical vegetables,
neither thrilling nor tasty,
but necessary, nonetheless.
Maybe some mashed potatoes and gravy
flowing from the mountain
where Jesus taught the Beattitudes.
And then mowing on the meat
of Hebrews or James.
But when it comes time to lean back,
take a few deep breaths
and loosen your belt a few notches to make room
for something sweet,

it has to be Psalms.
Savoring the smooth imagery
and rich emotions oozing off the page.
150 different flavors to choose from.
As I read I can almost see David
lounging on a rolling hill
making up names for the nearest sheep,
harp resting on a nearby rock,
eating honey and thinking of Samson,
before composing his sonnet—

“The law of the Lord is perfect,
reviving the soul…
sweeter than honey and drippings
of the honeycomb.”
—Psalm 19:9&10


karleeanne said...

Truly sensational!

~ Lindsay ~ said...

Hey that's me! I'M Lindsay : )

Grace said...

lovely! By the way, I randomly found a blog that you might enjoy perusing:
It's pretty hilarious...