Thursday, November 15, 2007

beauties, brothers, bookclubs & baboushkas

A Week in Review:

November in Central Oregon=gorgeous sunsets

and gorgeous morning light

The many shoes of the Whittakers...guess which ones are my dad's

The epitomy of my Saturday trek to Eugene

What's cooler than playing Guitar Hero in a game store in a mall with your little bro & his wife?

We traded glasses, which made both of us blind & Timmy magically turned into Harry

That's right, folks. I joined a bookclub. A life-time goal finally begun. I met eight very cool people to have dinner & discuss the designated book. Next up is Lonesome Dove. Apparently the ultimate macho western. But, never fear, there's still a touch of romance.

And finally...Oneighty's annual Turkey-fest!!!
It begins with getting a poloroid with the pilgrims

Then there is the posing as stuffing (a tradition not to be shirked)

The holding of Gracie Kent was a new tradition this year

Oh the potluck. The sheer beauty of it. This year's winning vomitous creation was made by two of our upper-classmen: Sean & Seth. The Sean-&-Seth-a-role (which I called the Thanksgiving Adventure, reminding students of the daring pilgrims who embarked on the Mayflower so long ago) consisted of many things, including anchovies & candy corn.

Family style eating is the way it's done. Chief Casey gives thanks before we partake of the feast.


Brandy said...

Nothing is cooler than playing guitar hero period! Yes, I agree, it is like a mini job!! which is funny because I wasn't even reading job along with everyone. I like your random quotes of these people and then you have corey, bo and michelle just thrown in there. And yes, I remember the thigh comment.. good good stuff:) the picture of fabby is truly priceless.. but every picture of fabby is a gift to my humor!

Janna said...

Turkey Day 180 style!!Gobble,Gobble!!Can i get a turkey dinner!!Can't believe i missed it!!Love and miss everyone tons!!Wow to the beautiful sunset photo!!Miss you Joann!! Always in my prayers!!