Tuesday, November 06, 2007

100th post

For this, my 100th post, I felt I should do post something uber cool. As I racked my brain thinking of different options: I could go with the Q&A style post where I ask myself questions & then proceed to answer them, but someone else on my link list did that recently. Or I could write a poem about the 100th post where I wax eloqunently for awhile about the beauty of being the blogging queen, but I've posted many poems recently. Or I could do a reminiscent look back at a few of my favorite posts or a few of your favorite posts (determined by number of comments...the one about Rico the squirrel would have won, by the way), but I simply didn't want to put in the time in research for it. So...I decided to go with what my next post lined up to be was: twist family pictures or twisted family or wheee! (those were my working titles). I'm happy with my decision.

With no further ado, here is one of my all-time favorite photographs (that I've taken), followed by the runners-up (please note that this shoot was done without a bright toy or clown to keep my 22 month old nephew focused, so I had to use my mere powers of bizarre noises & facial expressions & silly songs. also, a boisterously happy dog invading at times despite my sister's desire to keep all pets out ot the shots. and to top it off, my lovely brother-in-law despises having his picture taken)...sorry, that was definitely more ado than promised.

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Brandy said...

i think you have done a fantastic job on your 100th post.. I mean.. after a hundred things.. how many more ideas are there? Well, you're creative enough to figure it out:) The Q&A would have been fun.. but casey did that out of his own intelligence first.. lol. luv you