Thursday, November 29, 2007


I promised my brother that I'd post a poem of Singapore adventures. I have yet to write one...I suppose I'm still processing the foreign sights & sounds before attempting to shrink them into a poem. However, here is one inspired by the trip.

Be warned, it is a little depressing, but hopefully it captures a little of the essence of the sojourner's heart.

by Joann Renee

seven PM here means ten AM there
one week ago I eagerly boarded a
plane there’s no place like
home there’s no place like
home there’s no place like
home is where the henna is?
my heart is divided
into so many
portions that home has become relative
while lying awake
on my own bed thoughts Bend
to a fragment still cradling
your sleep-imposed sweat-soaked body
then tugs at an edge-piece praying
somewhere in Oregon with a lonely girl
longing for a whole
heart and more love
not realizing yet how
diametrically opposed is the ache
I’ve tried to live fully
in one place but crooning
behind bars of ribs—
there’s no place of
home there’s no place of
home there’s no place of
Sings a poor shredded heart.

Monday, November 26, 2007

it wouldn't be thanksgiving without...

the big bad frisbee gangsters!
being attacked by said gangsters!
dessert! (which is sadly only milk for little Donny)

super-model Daddy!
and Christmas with Aunt Jackie, Uncle David, Heather & Sammy Jo! (sorry this picture lacks the creativity I normally muster for ever picture...I was too distracted with presents & nephews to focus on my photography)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the wedding

Eric & Lindsay were married this past Friday at the trendy, exciting, historic & beautiful Tower Theatre in downtown Bend.

The happy couple.

An artsy shot of the decor & Avenue H (the guitarist is part of emote360).

Lorelei came into town. We frolicked. We laughed. We ate ocean rolls. We read our Bibles. We ate Taco Bell & drank sparkling pear cider. We discussed Leonardo DiCaprio. We parted ways with sorrow, but with the hope of a Christmas reunion.

the accessory

On my way to the wedding, parked 3 blocks away on one of those adorable little side-streets downtown with the quaint cracked sidewalk lining the streets, in 35 degree slightly rainy weather, wearing my roommates amazing red heels (which were only one size too big for me)--you guessed it--I ate it. It was beautiful.

I laughed at myself as I hobbled to Bellatazza, a few doors down from the wedding venue, and bandaged up (thanks Anthony!) before continuing on to the happy event.

And here it is in all it's glory. It looks more like a bear mauled me, instead of the sidewalk.

the culprit

the moral of the story

As Trina lovingly reminded everyone at the wedding of the time that Eric left Lindsay & I on the frozen ocean, thinking that a polar bear was chasing us & that Lindsay & I were close behind. And how I was wearing Micah's boots (definitely too big for me) & (you guessed it again) I fell flat on my face shortly into my attempted escape.
wheel of morality, turn turn turn, tell us the lesson that we must learn...

whether in Barrow or in Bend, stop wearing other people's shoes! particularly when they are too big! I don't know if this rule applies to bowling & ice skating, but I'm not sure I want to find out...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

beauties, brothers, bookclubs & baboushkas

A Week in Review:

November in Central Oregon=gorgeous sunsets

and gorgeous morning light

The many shoes of the Whittakers...guess which ones are my dad's

The epitomy of my Saturday trek to Eugene

What's cooler than playing Guitar Hero in a game store in a mall with your little bro & his wife?

We traded glasses, which made both of us blind & Timmy magically turned into Harry

That's right, folks. I joined a bookclub. A life-time goal finally begun. I met eight very cool people to have dinner & discuss the designated book. Next up is Lonesome Dove. Apparently the ultimate macho western. But, never fear, there's still a touch of romance.

And finally...Oneighty's annual Turkey-fest!!!
It begins with getting a poloroid with the pilgrims

Then there is the posing as stuffing (a tradition not to be shirked)

The holding of Gracie Kent was a new tradition this year

Oh the potluck. The sheer beauty of it. This year's winning vomitous creation was made by two of our upper-classmen: Sean & Seth. The Sean-&-Seth-a-role (which I called the Thanksgiving Adventure, reminding students of the daring pilgrims who embarked on the Mayflower so long ago) consisted of many things, including anchovies & candy corn.

Family style eating is the way it's done. Chief Casey gives thanks before we partake of the feast.

Monday, November 12, 2007

epic refrain

Epic Refrain
by Joann Renee

It continues to overwhelm me—
The clouds on the horizon hurrying to spread an inaudible message,
The leaves too collapse from the static position on their branches
to race along the cobblestone urging
all with a silent exultation,
The sun caressing dewy blades of grass and the hair on the man crossing the street
beating down for one reason:
to declare the only way it knows how
it’s part in the chorus of existence.
I was even surprised this morning to discover the white polka dots
on my new red shirt dancing a reminder to me that I am part of this.
This magnificently epic eternal symphony.
How I ache to melt into that sound!
To drift purposefully in this dizzying all-creation dance.
Your melody pulsing out of every pore, every molecule.
Seeping out at every breath, every glance, the harmony for this
is the day, this is the day that You have made.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

100th post

For this, my 100th post, I felt I should do post something uber cool. As I racked my brain thinking of different options: I could go with the Q&A style post where I ask myself questions & then proceed to answer them, but someone else on my link list did that recently. Or I could write a poem about the 100th post where I wax eloqunently for awhile about the beauty of being the blogging queen, but I've posted many poems recently. Or I could do a reminiscent look back at a few of my favorite posts or a few of your favorite posts (determined by number of comments...the one about Rico the squirrel would have won, by the way), but I simply didn't want to put in the time in research for it. So...I decided to go with what my next post lined up to be was: twist family pictures or twisted family or wheee! (those were my working titles). I'm happy with my decision.

With no further ado, here is one of my all-time favorite photographs (that I've taken), followed by the runners-up (please note that this shoot was done without a bright toy or clown to keep my 22 month old nephew focused, so I had to use my mere powers of bizarre noises & facial expressions & silly songs. also, a boisterously happy dog invading at times despite my sister's desire to keep all pets out ot the shots. and to top it off, my lovely brother-in-law despises having his picture taken)...sorry, that was definitely more ado than promised.

family portraits

Every household, no matter how unrelated the blood, should have family portraits warming the mantlepiece above a roaring fireplace on a cold November evening. Thus the five women of Ranch Village Drive sallied forth last Thursday to commemorate for all time the year we will all live, laugh & love together at the north end of Bend in a beautiful home where pink Jesus adorns the counter with snowglobe Jesus & her pinkness, the Lady Bic.