Tuesday, October 23, 2007

waxing gibbous

Waxing Gibbous
by Joann Renee

Breathe deep.
Sleep residue
(rub away).
Cast-off covers.
Feet connect.
Chilled carpet.
Stumble right.
Open door.
Inhale sharply
(exits visibly).
Early light.
Palest pink.
The moon.
Still bold.
Dipping low.
Waxing gibbous.


underthecushions said...

Beautiful. I could see the entire picture. I think my favorite line was '(exits visibly)'.


Lis MG said...

How exactly do you say "gibbous"? My various dictionaries paint conflicting pronunciations... the British one has soft g or "j" and American says "g"? Since it comes from Latin, in which Italian is rooted, soft g would make sense... What pronunciation do you use? Sounds fun for a song.

joann renee said...

i pronounce it with a hard g. like gerber or giggle or girly or gross. it does sound fun for a song...let me know if you compose something for it :)