Wednesday, October 03, 2007

singapore, day 1

Our flight left from Portland on Monday, October 1st at 1:55pm and we landed (after a short layover in Tokyo) in Singapore on Wednesday, October 3rd at 1:05am. It's 15 hours ahead here, but that's still 20 hours of travel.

My mom & I are staying with my brother, Danny, his wife, Betsy & my nephew, Aaron. Not too many exciting pictures yet because we spent the day in their apartment (Danny was at work).

When we landed in Tokyo, my mom took a little nap by our gate & I sped walked to the other side of the airport to the was next to a Guiness stand.
That's right. I took a trip to sin.

The morning after we arrived (7pm Tuesday night in Oregon)
Some views from the apartment. They're on the 10th floor. No one has dryers, so they hang their clothes out the windows to dry.

The adorable Aaron, re-meeting his Auntie Jo after 15 long months
Trying to grab my camera...
So dashing...
Stay tuned for more adventures in SIN...

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Heather said...

What kind of family have I married into! Not only does a brother and his family live in SIN, but my mother in law and sister in law are flying there too!