Tuesday, October 30, 2007

listly update

As some, but not all, of you know I just started work last week for emote360 which is (for the sake of brevity) a collaboration of media missionaries who have asked me to be their side-kick. I'm very kick-y, so I said yes. Here is a list of things that happened in the past week:

  • Put my own desk together --all by myself! (I'm handy as well as kick-y, apparently)
  • Went on location to a shoot at Tetherow where I:
  • shaded the camera lens with my lengthening shadow in the evening sun
  • was thoroughly windblown & chilled
  • walked around a golf course (that wasn't miniature) for the first time in my life
  • learned what a jib was
  • was kissed by an older Scottish guy...twice
  • and was told by his son that I would be kissing him as well next time we meet
  • Became a Mac user (it was inevitable at some point in my life, I suppose. I mean, I am an artist & have somehow managed to avoid them for 6 full years.)
  • Actually am enjoying the Mac, against my will
  • Posted a Full House poster in the bathroom at the shop
  • Learned that the Michelles fought over some of my poultry products while I was in Singapore (you can ask them what)
  • Had the most relaxing Sunday ever (including a ridiculously amazing home-cooked meal topped off with home-made applesauce. go Elisa!)
  • Got business cards for Studio Seven Productions (Eric & Jasper never cease to amaze)
  • Saw that studiosevenproductions.org is now up & running (no pictures up on my page yet, sorry)
  • Spent a glorious Saturday with the newly-wed Karlee & Cold Stone & Drake Park (pictures to follow at a later date)
  • Have been writing like mad, as seen in my most recent posts (more to follow as they are polished up a skotch--by the way, does anyone know how to spell mouing? as in "they were mouing down on some tasty beef"?)

Overall, it has been one of the rockingest Rocktobers ever!


Anonymous said...

The only way I've ever spelled it is "mowing," which is really what one does when cutting the grass. Perhaps the saying comes from Chairman Mao himself, i.e. "maoing." Oh, the good old history days.

Molly Polly said...

Um... maowing?

Katie Scott said...

I found the following in a blog:

Over in the corner is the exception to this rule: A lonely divorced dad is watching The Fugitive while his two 12-year-old sons MOW through cheeseburgers, doing their best to add to their already generous wads of back-fat.

It was also confirmed on Urban Dictionary.com - the most reliable source in the universe. :)