Tuesday, October 02, 2007

i'm 25!

On Sunday I turned a leaf over...and stepped on it, because it was crunchy.

I also turned 25. My little bro, Timmy, & his wife (my sister-in-law), Heather, came to visit Saturday & Sunday. It was glorious.

We got crepes at Bean & Batter downtown for my birth-breakfast.

Then we went to 180. Then returned downtown for Bellatazza (Marcel made me a special leaf w/ the double hearts for my birth-Irish Cream/Peppermint latte- don't knock it till you try it)

and walked around Drake Park.

That night I started a Swing Dancing fever by hosting the first ever swing dance in the 180 building for my birthday. It was a great start to my 25th year of life.

The ever classy Eric & Lindsay

Three person pretzel?

Thanks for taking this picture, Jimmy. It epitimizes the guys of the party so well.

I left for Singapore bright & early after my birthday & am currently in the living room of my brother's apartment a little after 3pm on Wednesday (Singapore is 15 hours ahead of Oregon). I will post updates in the days to come. Stay tuned...


Leen said...

that's funny your sister-in-law looks more like you than your brother does (at least in those pics)

howz singapore???
oh and your party was a blast by the way!

Seth said...

Hey sis, Happy Birthday. Looks as if to say; you had a blast of a party and your trip is also going great. I hope you are able to get some amazing shots over there and when we both get back to bend we will do a picture swap. I've got so many amazing one on this trip, can't wait to share. Love ya sis and look forward to seeing you again. Peace Out. Seth

Danny said...

One problem your 25th birthday doesn't start your 25th year, it ends it! You just started your 26th year in style by visiting me!!

Anonymous said...

Danny, that's totally depressing, because that means I'm nearly finished with my 25th year...