Tuesday, October 30, 2007

listly update

As some, but not all, of you know I just started work last week for emote360 which is (for the sake of brevity) a collaboration of media missionaries who have asked me to be their side-kick. I'm very kick-y, so I said yes. Here is a list of things that happened in the past week:

  • Put my own desk together --all by myself! (I'm handy as well as kick-y, apparently)
  • Went on location to a shoot at Tetherow where I:
  • shaded the camera lens with my lengthening shadow in the evening sun
  • was thoroughly windblown & chilled
  • walked around a golf course (that wasn't miniature) for the first time in my life
  • learned what a jib was
  • was kissed by an older Scottish guy...twice
  • and was told by his son that I would be kissing him as well next time we meet
  • Became a Mac user (it was inevitable at some point in my life, I suppose. I mean, I am an artist & have somehow managed to avoid them for 6 full years.)
  • Actually am enjoying the Mac, against my will
  • Posted a Full House poster in the bathroom at the shop
  • Learned that the Michelles fought over some of my poultry products while I was in Singapore (you can ask them what)
  • Had the most relaxing Sunday ever (including a ridiculously amazing home-cooked meal topped off with home-made applesauce. go Elisa!)
  • Got business cards for Studio Seven Productions (Eric & Jasper never cease to amaze)
  • Saw that studiosevenproductions.org is now up & running (no pictures up on my page yet, sorry)
  • Spent a glorious Saturday with the newly-wed Karlee & Cold Stone & Drake Park (pictures to follow at a later date)
  • Have been writing like mad, as seen in my most recent posts (more to follow as they are polished up a skotch--by the way, does anyone know how to spell mouing? as in "they were mouing down on some tasty beef"?)

Overall, it has been one of the rockingest Rocktobers ever!

Friday, October 26, 2007

fall is falling

by Joann Renee

...more like fun-sucker.
If God had intended leaves
to line-up neatly by the curb,
He would have made them

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

waxing gibbous

Waxing Gibbous
by Joann Renee

Breathe deep.
Sleep residue
(rub away).
Cast-off covers.
Feet connect.
Chilled carpet.
Stumble right.
Open door.
Inhale sharply
(exits visibly).
Early light.
Palest pink.
The moon.
Still bold.
Dipping low.
Waxing gibbous.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

ice cream sandwiches?

That's right, the ice cream sandwiches in Singapore come in bread. Not sweet bread. Normal bread--well, normal except for the pink & sherbet green swirls of color.

What flavor of ice cream, you ask? Well, a variety...from mint chocolate chip to yam to sweet corn (complete with kernels of corn strewn throughout). We tried the sweet corn.

merlions & tigers & bears, oh my!

After going to Haw Par Villa we met up with Betsy & Aaron to explore Waterfront. It tied for my top favorite place in Singapore (with Sentosa). Beautiful & diverting.

Look! Completely nude (don't worry, you can't see anything in the picture) bronze children leaping into the river!

And the merlion, Singapore's mascot (as the eagle is to America).

Here's part of his poem...

Me n' my big bro, Danny. Whittaker power.

Aaron & I admiring Waterfront...

Monday, October 15, 2007

what's right as rain to one person could be left as rain to another

Last Friday we left Betsy & Aaron to rest at home while the 3 original Whittakers headed for Haw Par Villa, a tourist attraction of statues of Chinese mythology & an apparently horrifying display of the 10 Courts of Hell according to Chinese belief.

This was easily the funniest place I've ever been. Intriguing as well. I mean, check out this guy's face...
It rained nearly the whole time we were there, which merely added to the bizarrity of the place.
Yes, that's my brother, a man with a rooster head & a woman with a chicken head. Don't ask for an explanation. We have no idea.
Nor do we understand why they had a Statue of Liberty next to one of their many pagodas. Again, no explanation was given to us. It was merely there. A reminder that we weren't in Kansas anymore.
Sumo wrestling is fun.

This may be hard to read, but if you click on the picture it should expand so that you can...
Outside the Ten Courts of Hell display
Scary. What will I see?

We made it out okay. Mama was waiting with Pedro the Dragon (I just named him that now, it's not his actual name).

Sunday, October 14, 2007

it's a zoo!

I promised completed henna pictures. So here's Mama's...

Polar bears (at least they weren't chasing us)...

...that let us pet them!

And many more, leaving us very exhausted & wet from tropical rain...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

chinatown & little india

On Monday Mama & I went to Chinatown. Another splendidly rainy day in Singapore. The red lanterns were very picture-esque.

A big Hindu temple at the end of Pogoda street (the street vendors in Chinatown). It has hundreds of Hindu gods all over the dome.

No shoes allowed inside...

On Tuesday Betsy & Aaron led us through Little India.
There were lots of decorations for Depovali (Indian New Year) still set up. Very gaudy.

We all got henna...well, not Aaron. I'll put up pictures of the actual artwork later.

My first duck. Not bad.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

"so much white"

On Saturday (which was Friday for most of you guys) my mom, Betsy & I went to Sentosa (an island at the southern tip of Singapore) and hung out at one of the beaches there, Siloso. If you've seen Pirates 3, you'll know that Singapore is one of the world's largest harbors, so sitting on the beach you could see several little islands dotting the sea not too far from the beach, as well as many ships on the horizon. Easily one of my favorite beaches. I still love the Oregon coast, but I definitely love Sentosa. We're planning on going back later this week on one of Danny's days off.

My feet in the South China Sea...

Singapore is also a nation that loves it's malls. I love them too because they are air conditioned and come equipped with coffee shops. I've become quite fond of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Anyway, Vivo City is an enormous mall right at the southern tip of the country--you can look across and see Sentosa. It's also right next to the harbor.
For some reason, that even Betsy couldn't explain, there is a giant snowman statue outside of the mall, facing south. He's there year round. I thought he looked very picture-esque with the Chinese boat floating by...

We also have no explanation for the flower tree. It's kind of disturbing. But you can see the harbor in the background...
And a sunset that seems to promise rain in the not-too-distant future

...Sunday after church the promised rains came. We walked out of the sanctuary to go downstairs where they fellowship & it sounded like a waterfall. Our first tropical storm since arriving. The thunder was soooo loud (& cool).

Here's Danny.
The outside of a mosque that was right next to the church.
Grandma entertaining Aaron while we waited for Danny to get out of a meeting.
Finally asleep & incredibly sweaty (after it stopped raining the humidity once again had free reign).