Saturday, September 29, 2007

breaking news:

Thursday I completely my last day as an employee of Westside Church. It was a year and 12 days of fun & turmoil & silliness & learning & bliss. I'd like to take a moment to say a few good-byes:

Riso, although infuriatingly stubborn at times, your multi-speed setting was both entertaining & exciting. Please extend your love for me to the next printer of hot-sheets, Whitney.
Guillotine, how I enjoyed your karate-chop action & the paper pom-poms left in the wake of your hi-yah-ing! Continue to chop, but no de-capitating please.
Paper Folder, you caused much dancing & tears. The bane of my hot-sheet production experience, as well as the rhythm to many spontaneous dance-offs with myself. Never cease creating the beat of Tony's afternoon frolicking.
Black Hole, you aren't nearly as dreary & claustrophobic as when I first visited you, but you are certainly still attic-esque. Stop harboring gross bugs! But continue harboring paper reproduction & decapitation.
In other news, Fall is here! Yesterday the high in Bend was 55 degrees Farenheit. Mmmm...It even rained yesterday, which is purely unheard of! (and delightful:)
Some trees have become crimson again, making me feel very blissful indeed.

This is taken from inside my car...hence the artistic blurriness caused by the raindrops on my windshield.
Americano, rain, red leaves, Friday & September=glory.
And breaking news, for all of those who have traveled the four month journey with me of job uncertainty & searching, I am more than excited to inform you that I will be starting full-time as production assistant for emote 360 here in Bend as soon as I return from my 2 1/2 week trip to Singapore mid to late October.
I know many are asking, "What is emote 360? What does emote mean? Please explain!" And to those people I say, I will explain more fully when I return from Singapore & have begun working there, therefore having a better picture of what that means (& am able to put it concisely).

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Anonymous said...

Oh Joann...

Your cunning way of putting things never ceases to amuse me. How I enjoyed reading your farewells to the most important "characters" of your previous job.
I love you and miss you terribly.

The Repunzel of Barton Crossing.