Thursday, September 27, 2007

art for india & omar

This past Sunday I had the joy of re-immersing myself into the thriving art culture that I have been missing since moving from Portland. Art for India at the Silver Moon Brewery which featured live music (the group playing in the following shot was playing a song dedicated to Ganesh, the elephant god in India), a long canvas painted by several artists (people picked up a mat & chose their own picture out of the canvas), a silent auction, & lots of very fun people.

I went with a few friends (woohoo to Mekenzie, Tara & Phil) to support our artist chum, Joe, & musician pal, Chris (although we missed Chris's set...sad!).

The $15 cover charge included 2 tickets for free drinks. Towards the end of the evening, as I was sharing a little table with Mekenzie, a jolly middle-aged, bearded fellow walked up to the table and slid a drink ticket across the table to me, explaining with a wink, "I found this on the floor & thought you might like it." I felt like I was in a movie: "The guy at the bar sends you this bottle of champagne." And the guy winks across the room, I swoon...okay, so this situation was slightly different, but still flattering & hysterically funny.

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That Joann is so hot right now.