Sunday, August 12, 2007

scandinavian festival

Those who know me at all know that I am very proud of my Norwegian heritage (yes, those Vikings were lovable chaps, weren't they?). This past weekend was the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City...which also happens to be where my parents live, so I went for a visit and here's what I saw...

Lefse is my favorite Norwegian delicacy.

I'm a troll.

My mama admiring Rosemaled Norwegian art.


Looks like he grabbed the wrong hat on the way out the door.

Real Vikings probably didn't have small children approaching them on a regular basis.

Painted wooden clogs galore.

My dad's glad he married a Norwegian.

Why they had a Celtic harpist perform at the Scandinavian Festival is beyond me.

Old couples should be in sepia tones.


Dad said...

Sure glad you didn't put us in sepia colors! And even glader (?) that we had some time with you! Dad

joann renee said...

You guys aren't old yet...Mama's still 29 as far as I know.