Wednesday, August 29, 2007

karlee & josh's rehearsal dinner

The groomsmen & bridesmaids line up

Sam Spedick is one of the most adorable little boys (though no comparison to my 3 nephews, of course)

Hannah Strickland is also incredibly photogenic and kissable

Karlee & Papa Louie

Tee hee.

Trina blesses the soon-to-be newly weds

Skipping away

Cowboy Craig wasn't even posing

Heather's gonna hate me if she sees that I posted this. (shhh...don't tell!)

Dark chocolate mouse with fresh blackberries...mmmm. Delicious flashback.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

quarter life crisis?

Sometimes, when you are about to turn 25 and life is a big tangle-y conundrum, you may feel the urge to do something crazy. Something adventurous. Something like moving your part 2 inches to the right (my right, your left).

Here is me at Karlee's wedding this past Friday. (For all those wondering, pictures of the wedding will be forthcoming. Try back in a couple of days).

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Now that I have a more than decent kitchen for the first time in over 2 years, I am finally unafraid to cook--although I am severely lacking in skills. On Sunday I made cookies. Mmmm. My roommates much appreciated it. On Monday I made myself dinner. I started with something simple...maybe next week I'll try spaghetti.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

rainy sunday

Big blue umbrellas, pattering rain drops, Irish Cream latte & Psalm 105.
That's happiness if any thing ever was.

staff half at shevlin park

This past Tuesday, I participated in my last staff half at Westside. We went down to Shevlin Park for an afternoon of individual reading, praying, contemplation and being live bait for the bugs. You wouldn't believe the size of the two bites my left leg received that day. I didn't take a picture. Ew.

I spent most of the afternoon on this log in the middle of the river.

My shoes made friends with the pine cones.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

fall creek

Saturday, on my way home from Roseburg, I made a stop at my favorite hiking spot from my youth: Fall Creek. It was just as beautiful and whimsical as I remembered it.

Monday, August 13, 2007

other weekend excursions

On Friday night my little bro and his wife came down to enjoy my presence in Junction City. After a glorious dinner with my parents, Aunt Kathy & her fun friend Jeri, the three of us headed off to Eugene to see Rachel & Clarence Keller and their baby Zoe (Rachel & Clarence graduated with me from UVC & I was in their wedding). Unfortunately, we lacked downtown Eugene saavy and stopped at the wrong hospital, walked a ridiculous number of blocks before realizing we needed to return to the car to drive to the correct hospital, and arrived 56 minutes after the designated time.

Here's me after realizing we had to backtrack 15 or so blocks to the car:

Heather & Timmy walking, with baby present in hand:

Here's Zoe. She was born 3 months premature at 1lb. 14 ounces. She's now about 3lbs. 11 ounces. She's adorable, but we couldn't really see her since she was all bundled & incubated.

I got exclusive Donny Shire holding priveledges once Kimmie arrived with him Friday night. He likes me. We fell asleep on Daddy's recliner. Then he spit up on my legs on Saturday as I headed out the door for a wedding in Roseburg. I still like him a whole lot though.

Rachael (Shelton) & Matt Paris were also high school classmates of mine (the 5th & final in-class couple to be married out of the 28 of us 2001 UVC graduates).

The wedding was fun, but bizarre to see all of my married classmate's babies & spouses. After the reception I went to old post basketball game favorite hangout, Abby's, with Matt's OIT pals & my old buddy Jory Randall who I hadn't seen in about 4 years (silly Army). It felt like I snuck back in time for a little while, where I used to hang out with all guys on a regular basis.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

scandinavian festival

Those who know me at all know that I am very proud of my Norwegian heritage (yes, those Vikings were lovable chaps, weren't they?). This past weekend was the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City...which also happens to be where my parents live, so I went for a visit and here's what I saw...

Lefse is my favorite Norwegian delicacy.

I'm a troll.

My mama admiring Rosemaled Norwegian art.


Looks like he grabbed the wrong hat on the way out the door.

Real Vikings probably didn't have small children approaching them on a regular basis.

Painted wooden clogs galore.

My dad's glad he married a Norwegian.

Why they had a Celtic harpist perform at the Scandinavian Festival is beyond me.

Old couples should be in sepia tones.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

no, he's not Asian

I just got this picture from one of the other team members from Mexico of Job & me (pronounced Hobe). This was from our last outreach in Playa del Carmen.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

twin rocks (they're fraternal)

Well, once again, for the seventh summer in a row, I headed off to be a cabin leader for a high school church camp. This was my tenth camp as a leader and my second camp at Twin Rocks with Oneighty. It was glorious. I love the Oregon coast. It's my favorite. And I love getting away with God for a week, even if it's with a bunch of rambunctous and lovable teenagers.

The leaders went out a day early and I spent a few hours on a shockingly warm & practically windless beach. Sunday morning Stephenie, Maleea & I embarked on a journey to find coffee before the campers arrived. We found a coffee shop in Girabaldi that serves Sisters Coffee Co. coffee. The roof was really short.

Then we went and did devotions on the beach. Me & my feet did a photo shoot...

Prepping for the numbing waters of the Pacific...

And the beautiful, freezing foam...

Myspace photo...

I named them Fred & George. George even has a big whole on one side (you can't see it in this picture though, sorry)...

Rising sun...

It wouldn't be camp without wet, soapy games. Jori Umphress sporting her raincoat...

Paige after thoroughly enjoying the impromptu slip n' slide...

After service Monday night we had a bonfire on the beach. The guys built it so big that it was still going at noon the next day...

CHEESE FACTORY! Two of my three Michelle's happily watching the cheese workings of Tillamook Cheese Factory...

It says "Viking". I felt compelled to take a picture. I am part Viking afterall...

Katie & I got chocolate milk after sampling squeeky cheese...

Michelle as Batboy and me as Princess Leia in her lounge-wear for superhero night on Tuesday...

"Illuminate" was the theme for camp. Here's a shot from worship at one of the evening sessions...

My cabin. Truly the funniest cabin at camp...we laughed until we cried at almost every meal. I'm sure all the other campers & leaders were jealous that they weren't in that group...
And a self-portrait. Sadly, it cut Kayla out. Also sad is that I am actually ridiculously tan for my bad Scandinavian self, yet I'm the whitest one in the shot...even Paige is tanner than me. And there are no words for Jillian...
The official pitstop for all counselors on the way back from camp: Starbucks. Please note Jonathan's hair--this is what happens when someone hides his straightener...