Thursday, July 05, 2007

the pone

My friends have lately been obsessed with the "pone" (aka pony-tail). They've decided to make a coffee table book of the world of pones. This would include pictures and descriptions for such pones as the mullet pone, balding pone, baseball cap pone (where the pone goes through the gap at the back with no need for a hair tie), home-school pone (that reaches past the waist), glamour pone (a little pouf above the main pone), cheerleader pone, etc. Really, there is a variety of pone for every person in the world.

While out at Billy Chinook this past weekend, Casey & Eric decided to experience the power of the pone first hand. I would say Casey's is a wanna-be pone & Eric's is a rat-tail pone...

How would you classify them?


tara jean said...

i would classify them as...Sick! Sick -disgusting-pone's

Molly Polly said...

I'd say those pone's need to get poned by some scissors ASAP. Also, I would like to defend the homeschooler pone by saying there is at least one homeschooler that has always been extremely stylish (hah!) and has never sported a homeschooler pone... silly.