Saturday, July 14, 2007

the insanity that some people call a week

Here are a few pics from this past week:

Since my nephews live 3-4 hours away, or 1 day by plane, I gladly lavished some love on little Ella Block last Saturday night after church. She slept like, well, a baby. A half an hour later I was covered in baby sweat with a little drool puddle on my shoulder, but it was well worth it.

An artsy shot of the callouses on the ends of my fingers after a few hours of worship leading in 180 last Sunday.

If you look closely at this mattress you will see a guitar pick chilling. I don't know if this is proof of my lunacy or intense musicianship (or perhaps in my sleep I take the sheets off my bed and play guitar until I lose my pick?). I discovered it on Tuesday when I removed my bedding in preparation for my lovely moving helpers to arrive.

After a quick moving of my belongings, I got to the church by noon to head out to Elk Lake for a few hours with the rest of the Westside staff and their families. Most of the young people went kayaking, but I stayed on shore and captured some of my favorite ladies wading with the children...

...and Pastor Ken taking a little nap.

Stay tuned for picture of the new palace I just moved into...

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