Monday, June 04, 2007

sunglasses circa 1982

Billy Chinook has become a new favorite. After a long week of sunburn recooperating and CLC finishing and thundershowers and service directing, several of us headed out to the lake.


Wind blown tresses:

Casey has cool sunglasses too:

It got pretty stormy and we tried to escape the rain (which we only partially succeeded at)--but no one got hit by lightning (don't worry Mama--I didn't even touch metal):

Nicolette trying to help Casey get water out of his head:

The Beetle Bailey Supreme:


Eric said...

Glad Beatle Bailey's made the blog, it's definately part of the wakeboarding experience. Next time you'll have to try the black rasberry shake

tara jean said...

first comment goes to TARA! Woot. I am sad that we haven't gotten to the lake together yet, someday though. we will both be there at the same time and on the same boat!

joann renee said... raspberry. That sounds good!

Eric said...

tara you weren't the first comment! I win!

Katie Scott said...

I don't know who you think will be commenting on this, but give up the posting power! We won't say anything bad!