Friday, June 29, 2007

playa del carmen (day 1)

It's been a while. For those of you who don't know, I just returned from a week long missions trip in the Yucatan area of Mexico with 11 other people from Westside (9 CLC students, 2 other young adults, & our fearless leader, Jay). We saw at least 145 salvations (including many ninos) and well over 80 healings (physical as well as emotional & spiritual).

People keep going, "Ooh, Cancun. That must've been rough." But you have no idea. For many people on the team Cancun is a great a vacation spot, but I would never go there unless it was for Jesus. I blame it on my Scandinavian blood. The heat, humidity, & food mix a pretty nasty concoction for my body. But I'm still really, really glad that I went--despite the bodily pain.
I took over 400 pictures (suprise, suprise), so I'm going to post a small fraction of them in installments. Here is the first day, the 21st of June (we arrived very late the night of the 20th).
We stayed in one of these very nice condos that a lady from Ron & Donna Griggs church owns
The stairs leading to the little room Stephenie & I shared the first half of the trip
The roof above our patio
A 15 minute walk away led us to the beach! Here's Angila & I--this is actually the only time I made it out here, I was too busy and/or sick to go any other time
That afternoon we drove to a construction site where we had our first outreach. Most of the men who work there also live there. Their boss is a Christian and delivered the message. This was our only outreach that was mainly to men (no women or children around except in our team).

At the salvation call at least 15 people came forward. Here they are, with some of our team standing back a little around them, waiting to pray with them.
...tune in later for more...

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