Saturday, June 02, 2007

loving, personal God

2 Chronicles 6:1 “…'The Lord has said that He would dwell in thick darkness.’”

Do you ever have a moment where the reality of God is suddenly real? I always know about God—He’s lurking in the back of my mind all day long and I wave at Him periodically—but it may go days or weeks before I see a glimmer of something and stop to peer into the thick darkness where God dwells.

Everything gets so much smaller! In that face-slapping moment He is no longer the Guy in the shadows of my thoughts, He is God who talked with Moses and Joshua and Daniel and Mary and Martin Luther and the dude sitting next to me in church—the same God! He parted seas and multiplied bread and sent an angel army through treetops and every second repaints the sky with shifting clouds and twinkling stars…and He hangs out with me!

I know this all sounds very “Buddy Jesus” and “Jesus is My Homeboy”—but He really is! This realization and relationship far from demean His awe, power, and sheer enormity—O contraire! It actually boggles my mind how much reverence and intimacy are simultaneously brought into clearer focus in these moments.

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