Sunday, May 20, 2007

seussical and beautiful

About a month and a half ago, I went to Vancouver to take pictures of my eldest sister's (Kimmie's) cast for Seussical the Musical (with Christian Youth Theatre). Friday night I saw the production. It was brilliant and highly enjoyable. I even saw it again Saturday afternoon.

The Cat in the Hat explaining how the hunters had captured Horton the Elephant (who was sitting on an abandoned egg) and sold him to a circus. Poor Horton. Caught between a speck of dust and an incubating egg.

My parents and little brother and sister-in-law came over for the show as well, so Saturday morning we had a very decadent breakfast.

An eerie, yet accurate, portrayal of the littlest Whittaker: Timmy.

Heather, Timmy, and me.

Daddy (he will be recognized by those who have seen my guitar case), Mama, and the oh so pregnant Kimmie (the oldest Whittaker child).

Someone left sunglasses in my car at some point. I found them. I am grasshopper. Rarr!

Mt. Hood pass is absolutely gorgeous with tall, tall trees lining the highway.

I pulled over to capture (as best I could) the glory of God's beauty...

This one was taken through the lens of Grasshopper...

Further down the road...

If any bugs happened to be caught in my car on the journey over, it would have probably died of fright at hearing my exclamations of "Ridiculous!" "Absurd!" "Oh my goodness!" "Who comes up with these things?!" etc. It was a sincerely gorgeous drive, accompanied with some music my little bro, Timmy loaned me--which I absolutely love (Arcade Fire).

My favorite:'s amazing I didn't wreck considering the sights (which I had to stop capturing because I had used up all the memory on my camera).


Grace said...

Joann, I officially like your blog. There, it's official. =)

Danny said...

Great post, great pictures, but that was not the littlest Whittaker! Aaron holds that distinction!!