Sunday, May 13, 2007

the getaway...

Friday morning I gleefully took off to visit with my glorious sister Beth and pretend to be a monkey for my irresistible nephew, Jack. I had too much fun to take pictures.

Then I met up with Lindsay, Jasper, & Eric at some random garden stand on the side of Highway 213 near Boring.

We then proceeded to deposit my car at some unknown location (losing your car in a parking lot is much nicer than losing your car in the great outskirts of Portland). After much silly directions from Buffy (or BFF--Eric's parent's GPS system), we finally arrived at PF Changs. Hilarity ensued. (see Jasper's dinner below)

An exciting wood wall next to PF's, with Lindsay

Eventually (after an incredibly brief and successful visit to Lindsay's other BFF, Urban Outfitters, and a quick change of clothes at the 24 hour Starbucks nearby--where my sister Kimmie used to work) we made it to the blissful union celebration (aka marriage) of Chris Bergstrom and Katie Jacob

After the ceremony, we were all ushered to the floor below--which housed the Oregon City Museum. Good times. Jasper, the Oregon City Optimist.

Joann: "Nice horsey mural"

After the wedding (including interpretive dance to much Queen) we found my car and I headed back to Sandy to the Twist lodge. After a brief visit Saturday morning, I ventured back to Portland where Powell's embraced me with his book loving arms and I didn't leave until much CS Lewis and LM Montgomery agreed to accompany me.

Then the journey homeward over Mt. Hood pass with gusts of wind valiantly trying to blow my car to the tumbleweed filled fields next to the highway.

Upon entering Redmond, and then Bend, I discovered flags adorning the sidewalks downtown
I like cobblestone.
While I like trips to Portland (aka "the valley")--I love Bend. It's home.


tara jean said...

i agree with you...the world is great...but Bend is home!

Danny said...

Wow, Joann, we thank you, Betsy and I just spent the last half hour nearly dying with laughter at your randomness. I think that we will not wait this long to check it next time!