Friday, May 11, 2007

the end of all things

In the blinding light, I hear an echo…

From eternity past, the void has been abysmally black…then You spoke. The reverberations rippled into matter—lights began to twinkle over an infinite space. You spoke again…this time You sighed a sweet breath of life—what is the composition of man? Your words. Your breath.

We always imagine that the end of the world will be like its beginning, but in reverse order. Somewhere in time, the light will peak, and then begins the long process of waning—eventually snuffing out, first, human life, then, the twinkling across the universe.

But what if, instead, there is no peak—if the light grows brighter and brighter until the “full light of day”? What if the universe doesn’t end in darkness—the absence of all things—but in brilliance of light—the dance of all Creation delighting in the Word that still sounds in ever-increasing vibrato through all that they are? Trees of the field clapping their hands, rocks singing the deepest bass, mountains doing a polka, you and I engulfed completely in the sound and light of Words that will never pass away?

Entropy. If science and experience tells us that everything is working recklessly towards decay—isn’t it possible that the exact opposite is true of every Word You’ve spoken? That, instead of a constant move to decomposition, there is a chiseling tendency to perfection in all Your words and works—so we can see the contrast of the instability in all things we create and the permanence in all that You create.

“Heaven & earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.” –Matthew 24:35

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