Tuesday, May 29, 2007

billy chinook

Erika & Stephenie are my fabulous Friday morning baristas at Perk Avenue. I like 'em alot.

That was a sidenote to the real adventure: Memorial Day on Lake Billy Chinook with Fabi, Angi, Stephenie, & Stephenie's mom (Nancy) & step-dad (Mike). It was certainly most fun & I was correct about my inkling that I was made to be a sailor or pirate but simply never had the opportunity. I've decided to purchase a houseboat instead of a house whenever I get grown up enough to make such a purchase.

Here's our wake:

Fabi, our only wake-boarder for the day (the water was quite cold)

And she's down!

Canyons, sagebrush, lake, desert, and snow-capped mountains were all part of the view.
Me, Stephenie, & Fabi at the end of my first day boating (but certainly not last). I have quite the sunburn to prove my day with Billy, but it was worth it.

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Eric said...

Dude our boat could totally take your boat