Thursday, April 05, 2007


Last Friday as I was driving across the desert towards the mountains,
I composed lyrics or a poem, I'm not sure which yet.
Driving always makes me a bit literary.

Both of the references at the top were in my Bible reading that morning,
the Psalms one should be pretty clear in it's influence in the poem/lyrics,
the Judges one is a bit more obscure--can any of you figure it out?

by Joann Renee
(Judges 8, Psalm 42)

Exhausted, but in pursuit
of a whisper of something deeper.
Restless, I barely learn
the contours of this land
before I follow the stream
into the next valley—
somehow more lush than the last.
The grass is greener
on the other side.

Two years ago
I wandered into a desert
little expecting the beauty
of a tumbleweed.
I learned to pray.
To hear my Savior’s voice.
To see the world/myself,
change/form around
the words my God
put in my mouth.
I couldn’t/can’t get enough.
I learned to lead—
almost against my will
the tattoo kept/keeps growing.
Growing, growing—
eternally changing my fibre/
my identity.

I watched the sunrise this morning.
Thought about the Michelle’s and Lauren’s—
the Sam’s and Natasha’s.
I learned the pursuit.
Refused to stay the same.
Determined to reach a little farther,
pray a little harder,
love a little truer.
I’ve discovered a pull
in my spirit that constrains
me to move from
comfort to sacrifice/
to adventure.
Demanding a life of
Deep to deep.


Molly Polly said...

Hey gorgeous, I found your blog! Yay! See you sometime at church this weekend!

Eric said...

nice job putting into words what's hard to put into words. I linked you from my page so you're officially cool now

Sir Gregory Scott said...

AMAZING. I love it.

I like that you're writing is refreshing to read. Everyone who reads it can see that it comes from the depths of your soul.

Words are all we have. It's a talent to put anything that contains so much passion into words. They limit us soooo much. It's our greatest gift and most ruthless curse.

Good job!