Saturday, April 21, 2007

tea friday

This past week I've upped my hours of work at the church from 20 to 30 hours per week. This is a very good thing--and I'm excited about it, however busy I will be from now until June 6th (CLC graduation). I spent the majority of yesterday attaching tea bags to our weekend "Hot sheets" and creating table toppers for our Family Room tables while watching the first season of the Cosby show. Luckily for the church, I don't like to drink tea or those hundreds of tea bags hanging about my office would have been in danger.

Later that night my colleague and friend Lindsay enticed her roommate and boyfriend to come over to my house bearing chocolate peanut butter ice cream and a documentary on the salt mines of Tibet (who also have yaks apparently). It was the perfect ending to my tea-filled day.

In other news, Moses got a splint this week that consisted of a broken plastic spoon and some masking tape. Fabi was elated.


Brandy said...

i feel real bad because when they put those tea bags in the program things i ripped it out and hit conrad in the face with it.. since i thought it was the funny the first time i decided to do it again except i hit him in the eye and accidently hurt him and his eye was watering all of worship and most the time. i felt real bad!

joann renee said...

I wish I would've seen it! But then I wouldn've been laughing all service. You know what a fan I am of food fights in all manners (such as flap-jacking...mmmm...flapjacks, that sounds good)...even in the middle of church.