Tuesday, April 03, 2007

small group o' my heart

Monday nights at 5 (or 10 after 5) the Oneighty cafe is a-bustle with the girlish, and not so girlish, noises of my fabulous small group. Last night there were 8 there + Janna (my co-leader) and myself. Here's one of Janna & me:

And the rest of my gorgeous girls:

Backrow: Becca, Dani, Whitney
Frontrow: Paige, Michelle, Michelle, Jillian, Michelle, & Janna

Yes, I have three Michelle's in my small group. Their nicknames (so we don't get confused) are Meh, Shhhh, & Elle. But they are all fabulous, exciting high schoolers (except Janna & myself, of course) whether named Michelle or not:).

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