Sunday, April 15, 2007

happy wet toes

This Friday I sallied forth with my recently restored Elliot and brought along the red-headed wonder of Lorelei. We went to Newberg to watch Pride & Prejudice at George Fox. It was so fun and nostaligic to be in Woodmar Auditorium once more...the smells of paint, sawdust, and pounds of makeup...the costumes...the clear influence of Rhett's directing in the actor's circular blocking...running into old professors, voice teachers, fellow students, actors, friends...

We stayed with my fellow princess of Disneyland and European adventures, Sarah. The next morning dawned wet and gorgeous. So I walked the short distance to my old support system: The Coffee Cottage.

(happy wet toes)

(the mesmerizing middle-wall border at the Cottage)

After shopping at my favorite corner in Oregon (Powell's, Buffalo Exchange, & Rocco's), we met up with the rest of Karlee's bridal party to be measured for bridesmaid dresses.

I was up for service directing this weekend, so Lorelei and I rushed back for the Saturday service. And as a special treat, my Aunt Kris dropped my cousin Megan off at the church to hang out with me for the last service this morning. They were visiting from Eugene for the weekend.

Now I must stop procrastinating and begin my Church History homework...I am actually quite excited for this class--there's nothing quite like spending your Wednesday mornings discussing syncretism in the Church.

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