Friday, April 27, 2007

my people have a day!

I didn't realize until Tuesday night, as I was driving home from Oneighty, that my people (aka Administrative Assistants) have a day. That day was Wednesday. I drove past a flower shop with a reminder to bosses around Bend that Wednesday was to be Administrative Assistants day. Glory! I did a little dance in my car and the next morning woke with a smile as I realized that it was my day.

My boss is very pregnant and is actually in labor as I type--Wednesday was to be her last day at work for awhile, so I didn't think she would remember to do anything for me for "my day." I was okay with that, I was just excited that my people had a day period.

But she surprised me half-way through the afternoon with a great card and present. All I can say is that I love having the ultimate creative boss because who else gets their Administrative Assistant a clown bobble head doll named Julius P. Patches?


Brandy said...

that thing is truly amazing.. it looks like something that "your people" would like! haha.. yeah, you're pretty much awesome. i love you

Heather said...

I concur with you about Administrative Professionals Day, it was glorious. I ended up getting an African violet, although I think I would have preferred a bobble head clown because I wouldn't have a chance to kill him. My poor flowers already started to die when they saw that I, the plant killer, was their owner. *sigh*

Katie Scott said...

I feel that bobble-head is great inspiration for a horror flick. Don't look too long - it might eat your soul! :)

P.S. Everyday should be our day!

Lorelei said...

I'm glad that there is a day for your people. I remember the dismay from when we drove by the flower shop in Newberg and it was advertising for Secretary's Day, but you didn't think that included you. I love you and let's have there be a Shmo-face day, k? You can come and have coffee with me and I'll bring a sugar beet for us to gnaw on happily. Really, anything is enjoyable when done with a friend... maybe.
p.s. when I leave a comment I get to be one of "the others" since I don't blog. woo-hoo! Hope this doesn't affect our friendship too heavily. You're welcome on my side of the island anytime.