Friday, April 06, 2007

good friday

It truly has been a good Friday. Not only did my Lord and Savior die for my sins, but a guy just walked past me in a sirong while smoking a cigar. There are also at least 6 people waltzing about downtown Bend on stilts and there is an odd Easter egg shaped costumed person dancing to a 5 person drum circle--one of which of these drummers is wearing butterfly wings. I wish this could be explained, but here I sit amazed.

I came downtown to Bellatazza to take advantage of the great coffee, sunshine, free wireless, and some real quality Jesus time with my Bible and journal. Within 15 minutes of settling out on the patio, however, the aforementioned pandemonium came to overtake my space--so instead, Jesus and I are enjoying some real quality people watching time. When it gets dark there will be a fireshow on the back patio.

None of this you can fully understand unless you've been to downtown Bend at night on the first Friday of each month.

the New Age-y Easter-y eggy dancer and a stilt artist:

the butterfly drummer and friends:


jamiejoy said...

Hey, I hope you got a good look at that fire dancer for your fire dancer-less friend here in Nampie, Idyho. I lob you and see you in one week. -Lorelei

farmgirl beth said...

I think Jesus wishes we were as uninhibited with our faith as these folks are with their... whatever. He chose to hang out with the non-religious folk when he was on earth. Maybe we should take up interpretive butterfly drumming as well.