Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter highlights

In the 5 services, there were 73 counted salvations total. So exciting to be priveledged to be one of those who gets to point out the raised hands.

We had a 50 person choir, and the highlight was when two junior high kids sang O Happy Day. Especially "Drive By" (or Jerod) was fun to listen to and watch.

Then I had Easter dinner with Michelle Umphress and her family along with a few stragglers who have no local family: Micah, Jess, and Chris & Katie.
Then game night took a wild turn with an exciting photo scavenger hunt:
Lindsay and Eric in shopping carts (Jess & I joined shortly thereafter).
Josie (Lindsay & I) in the laundromat shortly before we documented folding some ladie's clean laundry.
Sign on the Dream Center when we went to get Micah's paintball gun for another scavanger hunt picture.


Anonymous said...

Is Lindsay's hand on Eric's leg?!?!

Lindsay said...

Yes...Yes it is.