Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2nd year outing

This morning one of our lovely teachers got his wires crossed and didn't realize that he was suppose to teach our class on church history, so the 2nd years got the opportunity to have a coffee/awkward question adventure!

the guys

the beauties (please note Annalisa's zebra vest)

our fearless leader (no Brent, but a most beautiful alternative:)

most awkward question (actually answered by all): when was your last kiss? (asked by Annalisa). most awkward question (that was refused an answer by all): when was the last time you pooped? (asked by Ashley). Eric read us the newspaper:

when we adjourned our meeting, no one could find Micah, so Jasper called to make sure he had a ride, to which Micah whispered his "yes"--shortly thereafter we heard some rustling in the trunk. oh micah! you hide-r!


Katie Scott said...

Let it just be said that I was not an advocate of awkward questions...especially those listed! I approve of questions related to what you wanted to be when you were 5...good pics though!

Eric said...

good times good times, it's funny when pictures are taken you don't really think much of it then all the sudden there they are, gone public! Nice work