Friday, April 27, 2007

23 years ago today...

The pre-Timmy family.

my people have a day!

I didn't realize until Tuesday night, as I was driving home from Oneighty, that my people (aka Administrative Assistants) have a day. That day was Wednesday. I drove past a flower shop with a reminder to bosses around Bend that Wednesday was to be Administrative Assistants day. Glory! I did a little dance in my car and the next morning woke with a smile as I realized that it was my day.

My boss is very pregnant and is actually in labor as I type--Wednesday was to be her last day at work for awhile, so I didn't think she would remember to do anything for me for "my day." I was okay with that, I was just excited that my people had a day period.

But she surprised me half-way through the afternoon with a great card and present. All I can say is that I love having the ultimate creative boss because who else gets their Administrative Assistant a clown bobble head doll named Julius P. Patches?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sunny skies and small group outings

Finally Central Oregon decided to have warm springtime weather. It was a gorgeous 67 degrees yesterday afternoon--which perfectly coincided with my small group adventure week. We sallied forth to Backporch Coffee Roasters where we "woo hoo"ed and laughed and shared what God has been teaching us this past week.

Beautiful Becca & Paige:'s me girls n' me...

Later that evening I got to do one of my favorite things (please do not mock me too harshly): I sat outside Bellatazza (yes, I went to another coffee shop) and worked on a paper for my Old Testament Survey class on Josiah with three of my chums. When it got too chilly, we dispersed and reconvened at Lindsay & Nicolette's apartment where I finished my paper to the cheery sound of dishes being done, dinner being made, Grandma's kitchen being saved, and Lindsay writing a song on her keyboard. Mmmmm...I love my life.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

tea friday

This past week I've upped my hours of work at the church from 20 to 30 hours per week. This is a very good thing--and I'm excited about it, however busy I will be from now until June 6th (CLC graduation). I spent the majority of yesterday attaching tea bags to our weekend "Hot sheets" and creating table toppers for our Family Room tables while watching the first season of the Cosby show. Luckily for the church, I don't like to drink tea or those hundreds of tea bags hanging about my office would have been in danger.

Later that night my colleague and friend Lindsay enticed her roommate and boyfriend to come over to my house bearing chocolate peanut butter ice cream and a documentary on the salt mines of Tibet (who also have yaks apparently). It was the perfect ending to my tea-filled day.

In other news, Moses got a splint this week that consisted of a broken plastic spoon and some masking tape. Fabi was elated.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

sunday at the Woolley's

Once a month the Woolley's (an amazing couple from Westside) have all of the current and past CLC students up to their house on a Sunday night for a feast and then worship afterwards. Their house sits up on Aubrey Butte and their porch overlooks the Cascade range. It is absolutely gorgeous and they are the most lovable people ever. This was our last "Woolley night" for the year, so I soaked it up as much as possible.
Here are me, Lindsay, & Stephenie sitting on the porch swing observing the magnificence of Central Oregon.

Here's the sunset over the Three Sisters (you can barely see South Sister on the far left of the picture)--I'm still trying to figure out the settings on this camera, but it was decent enough to put on my blog.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

happy wet toes

This Friday I sallied forth with my recently restored Elliot and brought along the red-headed wonder of Lorelei. We went to Newberg to watch Pride & Prejudice at George Fox. It was so fun and nostaligic to be in Woodmar Auditorium once more...the smells of paint, sawdust, and pounds of makeup...the costumes...the clear influence of Rhett's directing in the actor's circular blocking...running into old professors, voice teachers, fellow students, actors, friends...

We stayed with my fellow princess of Disneyland and European adventures, Sarah. The next morning dawned wet and gorgeous. So I walked the short distance to my old support system: The Coffee Cottage.

(happy wet toes)

(the mesmerizing middle-wall border at the Cottage)

After shopping at my favorite corner in Oregon (Powell's, Buffalo Exchange, & Rocco's), we met up with the rest of Karlee's bridal party to be measured for bridesmaid dresses.

I was up for service directing this weekend, so Lorelei and I rushed back for the Saturday service. And as a special treat, my Aunt Kris dropped my cousin Megan off at the church to hang out with me for the last service this morning. They were visiting from Eugene for the weekend.

Now I must stop procrastinating and begin my Church History homework...I am actually quite excited for this class--there's nothing quite like spending your Wednesday mornings discussing syncretism in the Church.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

the long awaited day...

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Wednesday, O glorious Wednesday! I got Elliot back after 3 long weeks of loaner cars. I missed him.

The back passenger wheel still needs replacing (I've had a few people driving behind me, pull next to me, motion to have me roll down my window, and tell me that my tire looks like it's going to fall off--the mechanic assures me that it's not that bad, but it can be fixed for $50 and it's worth that much just to have random strangers worrying about my safety).

After picking up Elliot, I returned home to find two parcels waiting on my bed. One was the long awaited arrival of Anne of Green Gables the Sequel on DVD. Very exciting. But even more thrilling...

...the arrival of my new polka dot guitar strap! I realize it's entirely girly, but polka dots love me, and I reciprocate most affectionately. It also came at the perfect time since I got to lead worship yesterday morning for CLC in the morning and play acoustic for the Emerge (young adults) worship team that night.

I wore matching earrings.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

moses' leg

In other news: Moses lost half of his right leg this morning. Right below the knee. A clean accidental amputation. He made it through the Nile in a basket, through the wilderness as a shepherd, the bearer of bad news with the plagues, 40 years in the wilderness with a complaining nation--only to have such a tragedy occur in 2007.

I don't think Fabi even felt any remorse.


I recently finished reading "The Problem of Pain" by CS Lewis. It was a fairly good book...and then I read the last chapter. The chapter on heaven. It (I know this is such a Christian cliche phrase, but...) changed my life. I highly recommend reading it for yourself--if not the whole book, at least that chapter. CS Lewis gives his idea of heaven--of how we get glimpses of it in those things that stir up our spirit. Different for each person. An inkling of something bigger than this life. He then goes on to say that he believes that God created each person so uniquely so that in heaven they will be able to worship one attribute of God better than anyone else because of the way He creatively wired that person. I ended up writing a song based off of it. It's not conventional at all.

by Joann Renee
(C.S. Lewis “The Problem of Pain”—
chapter on heaven)

There are chinks—
Sometimes a sunrise
Or an Americano in the rain—
A whisper of ecstasy
Only glimpsed—
Never quite captured.

Like unzipping the air
And finding, finally,
The hollow you were
Made to fit, but
Unable to step through.

In the drudgery and routine,
Masked behind every activity:
It’s You I have loved all along.

Most of the time
I am content with where I am,
Who I am,
And I don’t long
For more of You.

But then an inkling—
Perhaps the scuttling of leaves—
Rustles my soul
And I wonder if I’ve ever
Desired anything but You?

In the drudgery and routine,
Masked behind every activity:
It’s You I have loved all along.

Deep in my soul is a perfect hollow,
Sometimes roused, but never satisfied.

Waiting, hoping, longing
For the day when I wake in Your likeness.
Jesus in all I see.
It's You I have loved all along.
How can we see face to face till we have faces?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter highlights

In the 5 services, there were 73 counted salvations total. So exciting to be priveledged to be one of those who gets to point out the raised hands.

We had a 50 person choir, and the highlight was when two junior high kids sang O Happy Day. Especially "Drive By" (or Jerod) was fun to listen to and watch.

Then I had Easter dinner with Michelle Umphress and her family along with a few stragglers who have no local family: Micah, Jess, and Chris & Katie.
Then game night took a wild turn with an exciting photo scavenger hunt:
Lindsay and Eric in shopping carts (Jess & I joined shortly thereafter).
Josie (Lindsay & I) in the laundromat shortly before we documented folding some ladie's clean laundry.
Sign on the Dream Center when we went to get Micah's paintball gun for another scavanger hunt picture.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

He is risen!

What a glorious day! I will leave a longer post with pictures tomorrow chronicling the day's events, but for now I'll just say Happy Easter!

Also, any friends residing in the greater Portland area who read this blog, I'll be in your area this coming Friday and Saturday (Friday day in Portland, that evening at George Fox to see their production of Pride and Prejudice, and then Saturday in Portland to go bridesmaid dress shopping for Karlee & Josh's wedding--never fear though, Bend friends, I'll be back in time to direct services at Westside Saturday night). So if you have any free time on those days, call me and set up a time when I can at least hug you while I'm in town, k?

Friday, April 06, 2007

good friday

It truly has been a good Friday. Not only did my Lord and Savior die for my sins, but a guy just walked past me in a sirong while smoking a cigar. There are also at least 6 people waltzing about downtown Bend on stilts and there is an odd Easter egg shaped costumed person dancing to a 5 person drum circle--one of which of these drummers is wearing butterfly wings. I wish this could be explained, but here I sit amazed.

I came downtown to Bellatazza to take advantage of the great coffee, sunshine, free wireless, and some real quality Jesus time with my Bible and journal. Within 15 minutes of settling out on the patio, however, the aforementioned pandemonium came to overtake my space--so instead, Jesus and I are enjoying some real quality people watching time. When it gets dark there will be a fireshow on the back patio.

None of this you can fully understand unless you've been to downtown Bend at night on the first Friday of each month.

the New Age-y Easter-y eggy dancer and a stilt artist:

the butterfly drummer and friends:

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Last Friday as I was driving across the desert towards the mountains,
I composed lyrics or a poem, I'm not sure which yet.
Driving always makes me a bit literary.

Both of the references at the top were in my Bible reading that morning,
the Psalms one should be pretty clear in it's influence in the poem/lyrics,
the Judges one is a bit more obscure--can any of you figure it out?

by Joann Renee
(Judges 8, Psalm 42)

Exhausted, but in pursuit
of a whisper of something deeper.
Restless, I barely learn
the contours of this land
before I follow the stream
into the next valley—
somehow more lush than the last.
The grass is greener
on the other side.

Two years ago
I wandered into a desert
little expecting the beauty
of a tumbleweed.
I learned to pray.
To hear my Savior’s voice.
To see the world/myself,
change/form around
the words my God
put in my mouth.
I couldn’t/can’t get enough.
I learned to lead—
almost against my will
the tattoo kept/keeps growing.
Growing, growing—
eternally changing my fibre/
my identity.

I watched the sunrise this morning.
Thought about the Michelle’s and Lauren’s—
the Sam’s and Natasha’s.
I learned the pursuit.
Refused to stay the same.
Determined to reach a little farther,
pray a little harder,
love a little truer.
I’ve discovered a pull
in my spirit that constrains
me to move from
comfort to sacrifice/
to adventure.
Demanding a life of
Deep to deep.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2nd year outing

This morning one of our lovely teachers got his wires crossed and didn't realize that he was suppose to teach our class on church history, so the 2nd years got the opportunity to have a coffee/awkward question adventure!

the guys

the beauties (please note Annalisa's zebra vest)

our fearless leader (no Brent, but a most beautiful alternative:)

most awkward question (actually answered by all): when was your last kiss? (asked by Annalisa). most awkward question (that was refused an answer by all): when was the last time you pooped? (asked by Ashley). Eric read us the newspaper:

when we adjourned our meeting, no one could find Micah, so Jasper called to make sure he had a ride, to which Micah whispered his "yes"--shortly thereafter we heard some rustling in the trunk. oh micah! you hide-r!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

small group o' my heart

Monday nights at 5 (or 10 after 5) the Oneighty cafe is a-bustle with the girlish, and not so girlish, noises of my fabulous small group. Last night there were 8 there + Janna (my co-leader) and myself. Here's one of Janna & me:

And the rest of my gorgeous girls:

Backrow: Becca, Dani, Whitney
Frontrow: Paige, Michelle, Michelle, Jillian, Michelle, & Janna

Yes, I have three Michelle's in my small group. Their nicknames (so we don't get confused) are Meh, Shhhh, & Elle. But they are all fabulous, exciting high schoolers (except Janna & myself, of course) whether named Michelle or not:).

Monday, April 02, 2007

glorious weekend

In honor of having a two week spring break, i decided that i would do something at least slightly resembling a vacation the last three days of it and so i embarked on an adventure to visit my both of my sisters. the first stop was at the Twist lodge to see my sister Beth and my nephew Jack--I was only there for about 45 minutes.

Then I headed to my sister Kim's and we went to her office. she works for Christian Youth Theater (CYT), so of course I took full advantage of the wardrobe.

(the wardrobe and cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast)

I spent the better part of the evening and then the next morning taking headshots and group shots of the students in Seussical the Musical. It was great fun.

Then, in the torrential downpour on 84, which scared the living daylights out of me, I listened intently to Anne of the Isle (the book on CD that kept me company on the road trip and literally made me laugh out loud many times and even invoked tears at one point). Then I stopped at the Twist lodge again and stayed the night.

And headed home Sunday morning.