Monday, March 26, 2007

sunny rainday

Yesterday morning was perfection itself. I woke to hear rain pattering on the tin roof that covers the parking spaces in my apartment complex. Then I remembered that I'd gotten my tax refund money and could go shopping that afternoon. Then I remembered that I had a glorious rental to drive to get coffee and do devotions on my way to Oneighty. I sat in a fairly empty patio downtown, thoroughly enjoying the soggy leaves and glistening cobblestone walkway and brooding clouds on the horizon and orange scooter happily awaiting it's owner's return from getting coffee.

There I sat. Reading of Joshua and the sons of Korah and Corinth. Quite gloriously perfect.

I was actually so happy that I couldn't speak clearly as I ordered my coffee and asked the nice barista man if he also enjoyed the rain. When he responded in the positive, I then proceeded to ask if he didn't think that sunny Raindays were just absolute perfection--then correct myself and said rainy Sundays.


Katie Scott said...

Joshua, huh? ;)

Lorelei said...

you haven't known perfection until you've allowed the sweet, delicate scent of sugar beets waft up your nostrils and gently jolt your gag reflex just ever so playfully...