Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sunny and Smashed

I was feeling extra sassy this morning. I hollered at both of my roommates that they must both catch boyfriends by the sun's setting as I walked out the back of our apartment to get into my car and drive to Bellatazza to get coffee and do my devotions in the frozen sunniness that is Central Oregon today. The first thing I noticed on approaching the driver's door (aka my door) was that half of my hubcap was missing. Curious.

Then I noticed that there was a whole other hubcab, not at all belonging to my car, under my car (hereafter referred to as Elliot). Curious-er.

A few feet down from hubcap exhibit A was hubcap exhibit B--the other half of my hubcap, quietly resting in the shade of Elliot. Hmmmm.

Still pondering what this could all mean, I looked to my red shoes for inspiration (they always inspire great thoughts when I am befuddled). I then noticed pieces of plastic and glass mixed with pennies and dimes--25 cents worth to be exact.

It wasn't until this point that I lifted my gaze to behold my poor side-swiped Elliot.

Oh, well. Life goes on.

They had actually hit me so hard that it pushed Elliot up onto the curb partially and flattened the front passenger side tire. Poor tire.

Luckily there was a business card from the police department under my windshield with the case number and the officer's name who has the perpetrators information. Hooray!

I got a ride to Bellatazza from my roommates anyways. My new mode of transportation until this all gets worked out.


Marie said...

I'm sorry, sweetie! I'm praying. I love you!!

farmgirl beth said...

Poor abandoned dimes and pennies!

Lorelei said...

Oh my friend! I love you a whole bunch and am praying for your transportation, but I'm real glad to see that you take Matthew 6 to heart and don't worry! I wish I could make such a blissful face, but I might end up looking disturbed. See you in a few... weeks, that is.