Saturday, March 24, 2007

oh glorious

While helping a recently engaged friend ponder the whiteness of wedding day dresses, I found the perfect dress. Anyone remember cupcake dolls? The ruffles on this one evoke such emotion in me--I'm not exactly sure what emotion, but emotion does it invoke nonetheless.

Poor Elliot was finally removed from his embarrassing post on the curb of Lotus Drive where many passersby stopped to gawk, giggle, and guffaw.

The rental, hereafter dubbed Patrick.

Patrick has seen a mere 2700 miles and is a 2007 Nissan Versa (nice rearrangement of numbers). While I'm not a fan of Patrick's looks, it really is what's on the inside that counts, and Patrick has much inner-beauty.

As I open the door with a silent gliding motion, the smell of brand spanking new car wafts out to greet me. I drove to Sisters this morning to enjoy the new ride and Patrick handles hills and corners with such grace. I bet Patrick would be a great ballroom dancer were this some Disney cartoon where Patrick turns human when I fall in love with him (I'm close).

And one last plug to my out-o-town friends and family: if you want to have your breath ripped away from you practically every time you step outside, move to Bend! (or at least come visit:)


jamiejoy said...

I feel I should let you in on a little nickname secret of mine. I put people in my phone not by their real names, but by the sounds and memories we've had together. It's an autobiographical listing, but only used for those I hold most dear to me. So, I leaped for joy (on the inside of course because to have actually done so would be much, much too silly) when I saw that you had written about people who 'guffaw' at your poor car. Do you remember how you acquired that name? I do. I miss you. I'll be there soon to pass out from lack of oxygen...

Lorelei said...

oh yeah, friendy friend that was me and not Jamie.