Wednesday, March 28, 2007

iced irish cream latte and more rain

If anyone wants to know what a bad idea is, it would be to assume that just because the rain turned to bright sunniness the day before, does not mean that you should wear a springy outfit in full anticipation of the same thing happening the next day. If you were to do so, you might find yourself in the same position I found myself this past Monday: white skirt + torential downpour = bad idea.
In other news, the reason I was nearly caught in such a downpour in such a white skirt, is because I was an extra for a Westside Church commercial that was filmed at Backporch Coffee Roasters. This meant that I got to sit at a table with two friends for an hour and a half drinking coffee that the church paid for! Marvelous. The only stipulation was that I was to order my coffee in a "for here" mug. Since I wanted an iced drink, this was a somewhat silly thing, but I stuck with the original plan despite the required use of ceramic. See pictures and imagine how much laughter it evoked in me for the entire shoot:

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Lorelei said...

woot, I think you may have started a new trend to go hand in hand with the coffee trendy trendness in Bend.