Friday, March 30, 2007

half birthday

In honor of the halfway mark in the Joann year, I took a picture of half of my head:

That's right. I am now officially 24.5 years old. Glory.

springtime = love prancing about in the air

One of the first people to befriend me and proceed to force me to eat pizza and Newport Market brownies practically everytime we hung out, was Karlee Ann Hoffman. But seeing as she will only be Hoffman for a little less than 5 months, she asked me to take engagement pictures for her and her fianced: Josh. This I did yesterday. Here are some of my favorites:

Okay, those were the funny ones. Here are my favorite "serious" ones:
Overall, it was a heel-clickin' good time.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

iced irish cream latte and more rain

If anyone wants to know what a bad idea is, it would be to assume that just because the rain turned to bright sunniness the day before, does not mean that you should wear a springy outfit in full anticipation of the same thing happening the next day. If you were to do so, you might find yourself in the same position I found myself this past Monday: white skirt + torential downpour = bad idea.
In other news, the reason I was nearly caught in such a downpour in such a white skirt, is because I was an extra for a Westside Church commercial that was filmed at Backporch Coffee Roasters. This meant that I got to sit at a table with two friends for an hour and a half drinking coffee that the church paid for! Marvelous. The only stipulation was that I was to order my coffee in a "for here" mug. Since I wanted an iced drink, this was a somewhat silly thing, but I stuck with the original plan despite the required use of ceramic. See pictures and imagine how much laughter it evoked in me for the entire shoot:

Monday, March 26, 2007

sunny rainday

Yesterday morning was perfection itself. I woke to hear rain pattering on the tin roof that covers the parking spaces in my apartment complex. Then I remembered that I'd gotten my tax refund money and could go shopping that afternoon. Then I remembered that I had a glorious rental to drive to get coffee and do devotions on my way to Oneighty. I sat in a fairly empty patio downtown, thoroughly enjoying the soggy leaves and glistening cobblestone walkway and brooding clouds on the horizon and orange scooter happily awaiting it's owner's return from getting coffee.

There I sat. Reading of Joshua and the sons of Korah and Corinth. Quite gloriously perfect.

I was actually so happy that I couldn't speak clearly as I ordered my coffee and asked the nice barista man if he also enjoyed the rain. When he responded in the positive, I then proceeded to ask if he didn't think that sunny Raindays were just absolute perfection--then correct myself and said rainy Sundays.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

oh glorious

While helping a recently engaged friend ponder the whiteness of wedding day dresses, I found the perfect dress. Anyone remember cupcake dolls? The ruffles on this one evoke such emotion in me--I'm not exactly sure what emotion, but emotion does it invoke nonetheless.

Poor Elliot was finally removed from his embarrassing post on the curb of Lotus Drive where many passersby stopped to gawk, giggle, and guffaw.

The rental, hereafter dubbed Patrick.

Patrick has seen a mere 2700 miles and is a 2007 Nissan Versa (nice rearrangement of numbers). While I'm not a fan of Patrick's looks, it really is what's on the inside that counts, and Patrick has much inner-beauty.

As I open the door with a silent gliding motion, the smell of brand spanking new car wafts out to greet me. I drove to Sisters this morning to enjoy the new ride and Patrick handles hills and corners with such grace. I bet Patrick would be a great ballroom dancer were this some Disney cartoon where Patrick turns human when I fall in love with him (I'm close).

And one last plug to my out-o-town friends and family: if you want to have your breath ripped away from you practically every time you step outside, move to Bend! (or at least come visit:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sunny and Smashed

I was feeling extra sassy this morning. I hollered at both of my roommates that they must both catch boyfriends by the sun's setting as I walked out the back of our apartment to get into my car and drive to Bellatazza to get coffee and do my devotions in the frozen sunniness that is Central Oregon today. The first thing I noticed on approaching the driver's door (aka my door) was that half of my hubcap was missing. Curious.

Then I noticed that there was a whole other hubcab, not at all belonging to my car, under my car (hereafter referred to as Elliot). Curious-er.

A few feet down from hubcap exhibit A was hubcap exhibit B--the other half of my hubcap, quietly resting in the shade of Elliot. Hmmmm.

Still pondering what this could all mean, I looked to my red shoes for inspiration (they always inspire great thoughts when I am befuddled). I then noticed pieces of plastic and glass mixed with pennies and dimes--25 cents worth to be exact.

It wasn't until this point that I lifted my gaze to behold my poor side-swiped Elliot.

Oh, well. Life goes on.

They had actually hit me so hard that it pushed Elliot up onto the curb partially and flattened the front passenger side tire. Poor tire.

Luckily there was a business card from the police department under my windshield with the case number and the officer's name who has the perpetrators information. Hooray!

I got a ride to Bellatazza from my roommates anyways. My new mode of transportation until this all gets worked out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


One of the perks of being on staff at a church is the joy of staff half days. Early last week the entire staff of Westside Church took the day off to go bowling and have pizza. Our church is all about acronyms, since our senior pastor is a word master. This year our theme is Growing Better Together (aka GBT). But as this picture shows, we are also Going Bowling Together.

(sorry about the blurriness--I'm still trying to figure out this new-fangled digital camera that the amazing Jack Twist loaned me until the time he comes of picture taking age)

Mushy Ground

Here I will elaborate on the differences between life in the high desert and life in "the valley." During my visit at good ol' George Fox I realized something that I missed about "valley" living that, in two years in the Bend, I didn't realize I was missing: mushy ground. The ground isn't mushy at all here in Bend unless there is snow on the ground. There's nothing like mud between your toes as you are walking through a grassy lawn in a spring shower in Portland. But then again, there's nothing like the snow-capped cascades surrounding Bend on a sunny day.

And then there's Drake Park on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

Phil Wickham

This past Wednesday, my friend Stephenie joined me on a road trip to see Phil Wickham in concert at George Fox, my alma mater (sp?).

On the way we stopped at the grossest Dairy Queen I've ever seen in my life

and then we stopped at the Twist Lodge and spent a little bit of time with Beth & Jack.

We met up with several friends from Bend for the concert. It was completely fun. After the show we went to Shari's where we had breakfast and Nicolette asked the waiter if he had kids. All in all, it was a lovely trip into my past.

further up and further in

After the church blocked both myspace and xanga, I've quite the time keeping my large fanbase up to date on my happenings. So I've caved into blogspot. Hopefully this will enable me to keep you more and more informed on the life and adventures of Joann Renee Whittaker. So without further ado, here comes a barage of blogs...